1. aquabluegreg

    Damai I - Cenderawasih Bay & Raja Ampat July 2021

    Damai I Liveaboard Cenderawasih Bay & Raja Ampat July 22 - August 1, 2021 Save $1,000 - No Deposit Required $4,950 PPDO Discounted Underwater Photo Pro Brandi Mueller on this trip..! This liveaboard trip to Cenderawasih Bay is a unique way to spend hours diving or snorkelling with whale...
  2. aquabluegreg

    Photo Tips - Giant Mantas of the Socorros - Brando Mueller

    I have just posted some photo tips from Brandi Mueller for shooting giant mantas at the Socorro Islands. Brandi was on a Nautilus Belle Amie trip December 5-12, 2020. We appreciate Brandi's information and her great photos. Photo Tips...
  3. XTAR

    What gears will you prepare for underwater photography?

    The underwater world is so beautiful. There are many people interested in underwater photography. The photographers prepare many professional gears to ensure nice shots. While most common people usually start with a GoPro, a compact underwater camera, or even a cell phone in a plastic pouch...
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