1. Cenotes

    For Sale New! Shearwater Swift transmitter, under warranty! $377.00 with FREE shipping!

    New. Never used. Shearwater shipped this transmitter from its Canadian factory on April 26, 2022, to Austin's Diving Center (in business since 1968). As such, your warranty runs through July 3, 2024, since Shearwater gives the consumer exactly two years and two months' warranty after the...
  2. C

    For Sale Oceanic Atom 3.1 Dive Computer Watch + Oceanic Transmitter

    Hi, I have an Oceanic Atom 3.1 Dive watch for sale that has a transmitter. The watch: Excellent condition!!! Only 6 Dives/4 hours! It may have some very light scratches in the right light, but I'd be curious to see if there are still any more of these watches with low hours. It works great. I...
  3. Thermoinclined

    Swift Transmitters - lesson learned

    I recently had an issue with what I thought was an orange issue. I had a small leak and assumed it was a bad ring. I replaced the ring several times and still had the leak. After numerous attempts to resolve it I finally broke down and had Shearwater look at it. Shearwater gives such outstanding...
  4. M

    Sold! Scubapro LED Smart + Transmitter -- mint condition

    Almost never wet, not a scratch or mark on the housing. $175 plus shipping
  5. vvcepheia

    Closed Garmin MK2i or Shearwater Teric, with Transmitter

    Hey all, I am looking to purchase a Garmin MK2i or Shearwater Teric, Ideally with transmitter. Prefer New or Like New condition, open to other condition if the price point is right. Please let me know if anyone has one they would like to sell : )
  6. CosbySweater

    For Sale Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter

    Selling a used Suunto wireless tank pressure transmitter. Comes in the original box with users manuals. Used for ~100 dives. Got a new computer so I no longer need the transmitter. $210 shipped. $200 for local pick up in Jupiter, FL.
  7. dive_blue

    Sold! Air Integrated Transmitter (MH8A)

    $269 (shipped CONUS). Includes new 3v CR2 battery. Functionally perfect (paired with a Shearwater Teric in attached pic taken on 4/20), never flooded and meticulously cared for; cosmetic wear only. O-ring is in perfect condition. Compatible with the following brands’ air-integrated capable...
  8. lwang06

    For Sale Suunto transmitter DP173

    I have a used suunto transmitter. Used on about 20, as it is the replaced version after the recall. It hasn’t been used since 2020 as I switched over to a scubapro G2 at the time. Asking $200 buyer pays shipping. PayPal preferred, if goods and services buyer pays the 3% fee. This will be cross...
  9. ian hanna

    Closed Complete XTX50 dive kit with dive computer and transmitter

    Hi all, unfortunately I can't dedicate enough time to diving so im selling all my gear. I have a complete XTX50 regulator setup with gauges and octopus along with dive computer and transmitter. The regulator kit has less then 10 dives and was always stored correctly. The i450T diver computer and...
  10. S

    Closed Mares Smart Air w/ Transmitter

    Excellent condition Mares Smart Air with transmitter. Only about 2 years old and 20 dives on both, always rinsed and soaked immediately after use, and computer always stored in a DGX mesh bag. I’m a recreational diver, it’s never been past 60’ or in a cave or wreck. Fresh batteries installed...
  11. Jason Bingham

    Closed Shearwater Compatible Transmitter

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Up for sale is a Shearwater compatible MH8A transmitter. It is in beautiful condition and works perfectly. I will be including one of my Swift transmitter cases, brand new battery and o-ring (installed), and an extra battery. See the picture of the transmitter installed and...
  12. 0utrageousfun

    Closed Suunto Vvper Novo with Transmitter and Cable

    For sale is a complete Suunto package that will get you up and running with an air integrated computer. Take it all for $600, otherwise willing to part out for the below prices (all include shipping within the US). Face-to-face transaction also available in Chicagoland. This computer has served...
  13. G

    Closed deleted

    For sale is the following, PayPal F+F or Venmo OBO. Includes insured shipping USPS flatrate continental US. Preference to local transaction, pickup available in Chicago. (2) MH8A Shearwater compatible transmitters. Clean condition, no wear on threads. Will upload photo of both successfully...
  14. C

    For Sale Suunto Tank Pod Wireless Transmitter

    Excellent condition Suunto Tank Pod transmitter. Local pickup Sacramento area for $240 or add $10 for shipping in the CONUS. Paypal or Venmo.
  15. Stephanieduda15

    Scubapro G2 transmitter pairing

    My husband and I used our G2 with transmitters for the first time yesterday. We had some issues pairing the transmitter to the computer. We would get it connected fine, but the computer kept automatically shutting off before we could start the dive (3 min auto off). When we would turn them back...
  16. Croison

    Need advice on Aqualung AI transmitter problem

    I see a lot of good and useful advices on this forum, so I wonder if anyone could share some experience with the Aqualung AI. I've been using Aqualung AI transmitter with Shearwater Teric for almost 3 years now. Combination worked flawlessly all that time, I made 250+ dives, technical and...
  17. rudylgza

    Closed Atomic Z2x w/ SS1 and Aeris Elite T3 with AI Transmitter

    Set includes the following pieces in excellent condition. Full set - $750 Atomic Aquatics Z2x swivel regulator Atomic SS1 inflator/octo combo w/Flex hose Aeris depth and pressure gauge w/ Flex hose Aeris Elite T3 dive computer bungee wrist mount and wireless AI transmitter ($350 if separate)...
  18. M

    Wanted Shearwater Transmitter

    Hi guys, Im looking for a Shearwater teric transmitter. if you have one to sell just message me. New or used, doesnt matter. Thanks
  19. A

    G2 computer issue with transmitter

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask you for your advice with my issue. I have G2 computer from scubapro + transmitter like 2 years - never been any problem with them till now. My computer stoped showing the pressure in my tank. So i decided to change the battery inside the transmitter, this...
  20. MADiveGirl

    Closed Shearwater Perdix AI w/ Transmitter: used 1x

    SOLD: Shearwater Perdix AI w/ Transmitter, purchased in Fall '19, used 1x for trip in Feb '20. Perfect condition. $1000 for both computer and transmitter.
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