1. tbphoto

    Struggling knowing what strobes are compatible with my housing

    Okay, I'm relatively new to underwater photography (and photography in general, to be honest) and am hitting the ignorance parabola. I know what I want to achieve, but I don't know enough about the underwater gear to know what I need. I'm going to try and break it down into what I have, what I'm...
  2. MrChen

    Sold! Misc Sea & Sea and Nikon parts

    All this equipment is pretty old. All of it works just fine. I no longer use any of this equipment and would like to get whatever I can for it. Make an offer + shipping. I live in Stuart, FL if you happen to be local. Nikon Bodies 1x D90 2x D70 1x D300 - SOLD Nikon Accessories Have 2 chargers...
  3. S

    Question Two strobes and a snoot?

    So I now have 2 strobes (YS-01 and YS-02) that I yet have to learn how to hook up together, and a Backscatter miniflash/snoot combo and a backscatter M52 air lens. Shooting on TG-5/PT-058. Trying to figure out what I should have as a setup. I shoot a lot of macro-type stuff like nudis that...
  4. TSBounds


    SOLD OMD EM5 Camera. Mirrorless w/flash (serviced in February 2021) Nauticam (NA-EM5) Underwater Housing with strobe ports (2) Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes with cables, arms and clamps Tray (holds housing and additional strobe arms) (2) strobe arms (4) clamps (6) buoyancy rings Underwater Lenses...
  5. TSBounds

    For Sale OLYMPUS OMD EM5 w Nauticam Housing & Strobes

    SOLD OMD EM5 Camera. Mirrorless w/flash (serviced in February 2021) Nauticam (NA-EM5) Underwater Housing with strobe ports Tray (holds housing and additional strobe arms) (2) Sea & Sea YS-D1 Strobes with cables, arms and clamps (2) Adjustable Strobe Arms (4) Clamps Underwater Lenses: 12-50...
  6. Rand

    Closed Lights, Strobes, Marker Lights

    Selling the following items for a dive buddy who has gotten out of diving. Please PM me the item # you are interested in and your zip code for a shipping quote. See the additional listings in my signature for other dive gear for sale. #8 Tektite M1 strobe w/ strap (2 c cell-not incl.) $40 #9...
  7. A

    For Sale A pair of Sea & Sea YS D2 strobes

    Pair of 2 Sea&Sea YS-D2 strobes, They have been gently used for than two years (2 one week trips) and are in excellent condition and have not been flooded. Included: Both types of adaptors for photo arms, both diffusers (100, 120). I take very good care of my equipment. Price $600 for the...
  8. Rand

    Closed Lights, SMBs, Knives, Safety Gear

    For sale are the following. When inquiring, please reference the green item number chip in the item picture. PM me with your address and the item numbers you are interested in for a shipping quote. I can accept PayPal and Zelle. I have multiple listings on ScubaBoard. Scroll down to my...
  9. S

    For Sale Dual Sea&Sea YSD2 strobes for sale

    Two like new ysd2 strobes included, Includes two fiber optic cables for triggering For one $375 Both $700
  10. C

    Closed 2x Sea & Sea YS-D1 Strobes

    Sea & Sea YS-D1 Strobes x 2 in great conditions plus extras. Looking for $700 USD for both and all accessories. Free Shipping. 2x Sea & Sea YS-D1 Strobes 2x Howshot Neoprene Strobe Covers 2x 100 Diffuser Caps 2x 120 Diffuser Caps 2x Howshot Fiber Optic Cable 613L 2x Ball Adapters for Strobe...
  11. JackConnick

    For Sale Inon Z-330 Strobes (Pair) Like New, with mounts!

    Get the latest Inon z-330 strobes for less! Demos, used by myself on a couple of trips, Excellent new condition, with only very light abrasions on cases. Complete in original boxes with dome diffuser, manual, spare parts, even the Inon sticker! Powerful GN 33, fast recharge, optical or...
  12. F

    Closed Strobes and lenses

    Don't know how to mark it sold but IT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE TRASHMAN HAS ALREADY COME BY!! According to the manufacturer they "think" the housing is for an Olympus camera...I am not so sure. $250.00+ shipping for it all. DSLR cast aluminum housing. 2 Sea and Sea YS-90DX Strobes with...
  13. Interceptor121

    Strobe Diffusers

    Last November I was trying a new fisheye set up for my camera and in order to check field of coverage I took a few shots against the pool wall. I realised that I could cover pretty much the whole frame except extreme corners with my officially 100 degrees diffuser. This week I went to the pool...
  14. TheChase

    For Sale Sealife Dual Underwater Camera Strobes

    These are SeaLife SL961 strobes. These are universal and can be used with any underwater photography camera. Both strobes work excellent! No issues. Comes with: TWO - Sealife SL961 strobes TWO - optical strobe cables TWO - flash diffusers Universal optical strobe attachment for any...
  15. SouthFloridaMermaid

    Closed Sony A7sII Camera, Nauticam Housing, Zeiss Lens, strobes & more

    CHECK OUT THIS GREAT DEAL! Asking $7,000 for the whole setup. Sony A7sII Camera, Nauticam Housing, Zeiss Lens, strobes & more. Barely used, in great condition. Camera $1300 Dom Port $1600 Housing $2100 Adapters $300 Extension Ring $350 Zeiss Lens $850 Strobes $650 Bags Tripod & extras Will...
  16. C

    For Sale Ikelite DS51 Strobes for Sale

    Hi there, Selling 2 x DS 51 Ikelite Strobes in South Africa. R4,000 each. Please contact me if you are interested.
  17. cindysoo

    YS-D1 and YS-D2?

    So, I have 1 YS-D1 strobe and I would like to add another but I can't seem to find one for purchase online. They seem to be discontinued. So my question is, can I use a YS-D2 as my secondary strobe together with my existing YS-D1 or will I have problems? On a side note, anyone have a YS-D1...
  18. aviator8

    Sony RX100V strobe recommendations

    I am looking to add two strobes to my kit. I already have a 10K lumen video light but for stills want a two strobe setup. I have the tray and arms. I would like to be able to get second hand strobes that I am not going to outgrow after a few trips. Can anyone recommend a couple decent options...
  19. S

    For Sale SOLD Ikelite Strobes and Accessories

    FOR SALE, IKELITE strobes and IKELITE strobe accessories. Prices listed do not include shipping or insurance, which will be added to price. Included items are in the pictures below. DS161 – used on a couple of dive trips over the last year – asking $700. DS160 – used on several dive trips...
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