1. Daddyscopilot

    For Sale Sea & Sea YS-03

    I have a newly serviced Sea & Sea YS-03 for sale. Backscatter recently inspected and serviced. Only dove with it 2 times. Never flooded. $225 OBO
  2. N

    For Sale Intro to Wreck Diving Gear - LM Reel and Strobe

    Brand new Light Monkey 400' Reel and Strobe. Was a raffle prize from our local dive club. Should be a great package for a diver just starting out. I would like to keep the package together, but will split if I find two buyers who each want one item. $375 for total package $125 - 400' Reel $250...
  3. K

    For Sale: Sealife DC 2000 with housing, Sea Dragon strobe, wetmount Macro & Fisheye Lens

    I am giving up photography, going to dive for the fun of it! I have an entire setup of Sea Life equipment. Lots of extra O rings, silicone, single and double arm plates, includes 2 wetmount lens. The camera was dropped outside the housing, works perfectly, BUT the pictures are distorted. Not...
  4. M

    Wanted Inon S2000

    Hello, I bought one s2000 a few months ago, now im looking for another one to complete my double strobe set up. If anyone has an Inon s2000 for sale feel free to PM and let me know how much you are selling it for. Thanks!
  5. Bubbles the Chimp

    Closed Sea&Sea YS-250 PRO Strobe

    Time has run out for me to replace my dead Sea&Sea YS-250 PRO strobe, so I have decided to sell my working one from my pair in case anyone needs one. Condition is used, cosmetically fair (see photos) but the strobe is working perfectly. The strobe comes with the mounting ball, and the battery...
  6. BackscatterUW

    Info The Zen Of Underwater Strobe Placement

    THE ZEN OF UNDERWATER STROBE PLACEMENT WHERE THE %$#@! DO I PUT MY STROBES? By Jim Decker Over the years I have taught thousands of people how to shoot underwater. By far the number 1 question I am asked is “Where do I put my strobes?” as if there is one magic position to put their strobes. My...
  7. jpomerantz

    For Sale Canon 7d Mk II – Aquatica Underwater Photography Package

    I am selling my underwater kit and hope you will find this a great deal. I will try to provide specifics as much as possible for the components. Camera Canon 7D Mark II camera body $775 Camera strap (non OEM), 3 batteries and 2 chargers included Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 EF-S USM zoom $275...
  8. S

    TG + YS-01 + YS-02 + M52 air lens + PT-058

    I've been shooting macro on Olympus TG-5/PT-058 with one YS-01 strobe on TTL. Recently got an YS-02 (TTL only) and a backscatter M52 air lens. I also indulged into a mini flash/snoot combo. The M52 comes with an optical adapter that directs the optical cable upwards, but it can only take one...
  9. BackscatterUW

    Info Introducing the Backscatter Color Filter System

    INTRODUCING THE BACKSCATTER COLOR FILTER SYSTEM GET CREATIVE FOR A WHOLE NEW LOOK Add a new dimension to your videos and photos with the Backscatter Color Filter System. The Backscatter Color Filter System is compatible with the Backscatter Mini Flash MF-1, Backscatter Macro Wide 4300 Video...
  10. SayNo2Snow

    For Sale Nauticam NA G-15 & Canon G-15 For Sale

    Complete equipment set in perfect working order, $1800.00 CAD The following underwater camera equipment is for sale: Nauticam NA G-15 underwater housing c/w Deluxe Arm and Auto Sensor, right and left handles, tripod mount. Nauticam 8” (125mm) double ball arm, size 8 Nauticam Strobe mounting...

    For Sale SOLD-Ikelite DS160 and DS161 strobes.

    One DS160 and one DS161 both in very good condition. Never flooded. Each comes with a battery, charger, standard diffuser, and a dome diffuser as seen in photos. All connections are corrosion free. $650.00 for everything plus shipping. Will only ship to CONUS.
  12. M

    Wanted Inon S2000 Strobe

    Hi, i am looking to buy a Inon S2000 strobe. if you have arms and fiber optic cable with it then that would be a plus. message me if you have one. Thanks
  13. Craig F

    Closed Turtle Smart TTL trigger Olympus-Panasonic

    Up for sale is a Turtle TTL flash trigger for Olympus and Panasonic cameras. This works with Inon, Sea & Sea, Ikelite strobes, among others, providing TTL and manual flash exposure. See Turtle's website for additional applications. The unit works fine, but will...
  14. _anak_pulau_

    Inon S-2000 vs Backscatter MF-1

    Greetings scuba friends! I'm looking to purchase my first strobe and can't decide which one of these to get. I mostly take close up pictures (not necessarily macro specifically) but worried that I would find myself not having sufficient lighting in say a frame with a shark or ray swimming...
  15. A

    For Sale Retra Pro Strobe

    This Retra Pro strobe has been hardly used. I am selling it because I bought a Pro X and would like to have my 2 strobes the same. Condition Excellent. $800.
  16. S

    tray and arms for Fantasea FA6500

    hey all :) so this is my current setup- Fantasea FA6500 housing, Ikelite double handle tray, Inon D2000S and an arm I got with it. there are 2 problems with this setup: 1. the tray doesn't fit the housing well, only 2 out of 3 screws align well (center and one of the sides). 2. the tray ball...
  17. shallingsam

    For Sale Sea & Sea YS-D2 Strobe - Very Good Condition

    20201201_200708 by shallingsam posted May 12, 2021 at 5:34 PM20201201_181838 by shallingsam posted May 12, 2021 at 5:34 PM20201201_181728 by shallingsam posted May 12, 2021 at 5:34 PM20201201_181737 by shallingsam posted May 12, 2021 at 5:34 PM20201201_181807 by shallingsam posted May 12, 2021...
  18. L

    Closed For Sale Sea&Sea YS-250 Pro Strobe $350

    For sale is a Sea&Sea YS-250 Pro Strobe with 2 batteries, charger, lots of extra o-rings and Sea&Sea grease. The sync cord shown is not included. Works perfectly, never flooded. I'll only ship this in the US 48. $350 + shipping and insurance.
  19. DevilEyeDog

    I want it ALL! Tell me how to get it. :)

    I put a snoot on my YS-01. I love it, but struggle because the focus light on the YS-01 is so weak it does not penetrate the snoot. So I'm left guessing where to shoot. The problem is, I want it all. 1) A decent strobe upgraded from the YS-01 that I can shoot with a snoot without the...
  20. jayceebutler

    Closed Pair of Sea & Sea YS-D1 Strobes. $250 + shipping

    For Sale: A pair of Sea & Sea YS-D1 Strobes. $250 + shipping for the pair. US buyers only. Payment through Paypal. Strobes come with 100 degree diffusers, ball mounts and Sea & Sea mounts. I purchased these strobes used as part of a kit, but have not used either. The previous owner stated...
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