sherwood 2nd stage

  1. L

    Old funny-shaped Sherwood 2nd stage from 1990's

    Can anyone remember the name (or even better, have a picture) of the Sherwood reg with the funny-shaped (kind of triangular) primary second stage? It kept your mouth moist, like the ellipse-shaped "Oasis." I bought it in 1991 and it was my favorite!
  2. Capt.813

    1st and 2nd stage ID

    Picked this up at a yard sale for $50 and couldn't pass up the deal. It also came with other dive equipment which I sold to a friend for what I paid. I was thinking about taking it to get serviced and keeping it as a spare, or giving it to my sister as she recently got certified. Any Ideas what...
  3. D

    For Sale 3mm reef booties; scubapro rock boots; used regs; and more...

    ANOTHER CLEANING OUT OF THE GARAGE various used items [$15] 3mm reef booties with hard sole. sole has yellowed but otherwise in good shape. size 13, but i wear a size 12 and i probably wore a neoprene sock with these. haven't used these in years. (retail onine new around $40) [$25] scubapro...
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