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  1. aquabluegreg

    Rocio del Mar Socorros 10 Days - Nov 19-28, 2022

    Rocio del Mar Liveaboard Socorro Islands - 10 Days November 19-28, 2022 For this who don't want to travel in 2021, here's a deal. Normally $3995 - Our deal $3495 Save $500 The Revillagigedo Islands (also Revillagigedo Archipelago or Islas Revillagigedo) are a group of four volcanic islands in...
  2. aquabluegreg

    Smiling Seahorse Liveaboard - Myanmar - 2021-22

    Smiling Seahorse Liveaboard Myanmar Mergui Islands - Black Rock October 2021- May 2022 Agent Discount 10% 7, 8, and 9-Day Trips Available We are offering trips available on the Smiling Seahorse from October 2021 to May 2022 for destinations in Myanmar including the Mergui Islands and...
  3. aquabluegreg

    Damai I - Cenderawasih Bay & Raja Ampat July 2021

    Damai I Liveaboard Cenderawasih Bay & Raja Ampat July 22 - August 1, 2021 Save $1,000 - No Deposit Required $4,950 PPDO Discounted Underwater Photo Pro Brandi Mueller on this trip..! This liveaboard trip to Cenderawasih Bay is a unique way to spend hours diving or snorkelling with whale...
  4. aquabluegreg

    Solomon Islands - Bilikiki Liveaboard - 2022

    Solomon Islands Bilikiki Liveaboard June 22-July 1, 2022 - 10 Nights Published Rate $6,360 PPDO Contact us for discount pricing The Bilikiki has 10 deluxe cabins, eight with a double bed and single bunk and two with twin single beds and no bunk. All cabins are air-conditioned and have their...
  5. aquabluegreg

    Rocio Del Mar Liveaboard - Sea of Cortez - 2021 Trips

    Rocio Del Mar Liveaboard Sea of Cortez, Baja California 2021 Trips - $2845 PPDO Ask for our 10% Agent's Discount Called "The World's Aquarium" by Jacques Cousteau, the Sea of Cortez provides a world-class international dive experience with a domestic flight. Simply fly to Phoenix, Arizona...
  6. aquabluegreg

    North Norway & Aurora Borealis Expeditions

    North Norway & Aurora Borealis Expeditions S/V Rembrandt van Rijn The North Norway cruise follows the path of more than one kind of whale as it travels amongst the fjords of Troms. The long Norway nights offer travellers on this expedition an excellent chance to take in the beauty and wonder of...
  7. aquabluegreg

    Blue Force One - Maldives Discounts Limited Spaces

    Blue Force One Liveaboard Maldives Discounts The Blue Force Fleet is offering some last minute spaces on trips to the Maldives at discounted rates. We will also offer an additional 10% agent discount on any package booked with us. Spaces are limited.
  8. aquabluegreg

    Cayman Islands Update - Sept 4-11, 2021 Trip

    We currently have a group trip to Little Cayman Beach Resort scheduled for September 4-11, 2021 which offers free nitrox and free afternoon dives as part of the package. We are NOT requiring any deposit to book this trip with us. We also have similar dates for 2022. Web Post: Liquid Diving...
  9. aquabluegreg

    Rocio del Mar - Socorros & Clarion Island - Feb 28

    We have berths available on the Rocio del Mar to the Socorro Islands and extending to Clarion Island. This is a 13-day extended trip with the rare opportunity to visit the not-often-visited Clarion Island. Published rate is $5199 and we will discount this trip 10%. This trip departs out of San...
  10. adiverslife

    Rappel - A Dive Into Bonaire History

    We just published a new video on A Diver's life. It is dedicated to Bruce Bowker and his historic rappel down the Rappel cliff in scuba gear in 1974. The video is largely shot in 4k but scaled to 1080p for Internet delivery. We shot Rappel at night and day time. We take you to the location where...
  11. aquabluegreg

    Costa Rica Photo Workshop - Timo Dersch - Aug 21 to Sept 1, 2021

    Costa Rica Photo Workshop - Timo Dersch - Aug 21 to Sept 1, 2021 Learn how to make the best of your underwater camera with TAUCHEN – Magazine -Photographer Timo Dersch Trip Date: August 21, 2021 to September 01, 2021 (12 Days, 11 Nights) Cost: $3165 USD per person double occupancy Take your...
  12. aquabluegreg

    Sorido Bay Resort - Raja Ampat - Sept 19-29, 2021 - $1,000 OFF

    Sorido Bay Resort - Raja Ampat Sept 19-29, 2021 - $1,000 OFF We all know you want to get back to Indonesia and to Raja Ampat. Here's your chance to spend 10 days enjoying some of the world's best diving AND save $1,000. Our deal is only $3,960 USD per person double occupancy for a Sentani...
  13. aquabluegreg

    Photo Tips - Giant Mantas of the Socorros - Brando Mueller

    I have just posted some photo tips from Brandi Mueller for shooting giant mantas at the Socorro Islands. Brandi was on a Nautilus Belle Amie trip December 5-12, 2020. We appreciate Brandi's information and her great photos. Photo Tips...
  14. aquabluegreg

    Sorido Bay Resort - Raja Ampat - Sept 19-29 - Save $1,000

    Sorido Bay Resort The Heart of Raja Ampat * * * Sept 19-29, 2021 - Save $1,000 * * * We are trying to generate interest in travel to Indonesia assuming that the borders will open early this year (2021). We are teaming with our resort and liveaboard partners to offer even better deals starting...
  15. aquabluegreg

    Margaritaville Playa Flamingo Costa Rica - Open for Biz

    Costa Rica is open for travelers from the US. We are offering a number of resorts along the northern Pacific coast that are offering all-inclusive packages including diving. We have just started to offer the Margaritaville Beach Resort at Playa Flamingo. Margaritaville: Liquid Diving...
  16. aquabluegreg

    Tanzania Dive Trip & Wildlife Safari - March 2022

    We are planning a combination wildlife safari and dive trip to Tanzania in March 2022. This will prove to be an amazing trip. The wildlife safari includes the Great Migration. I have attached an online brochure. If you have any interest, drop me a message. TANZANIA - 15-DAY NORTHERN CIRCUIT...
  17. aquabluegreg

    Dive Trip and Wildlife Expedition - Tanzania March 2022

    We are planning a wildlife safari and dive trip to Tanzania in March of 2022. If you have any interest, here is an online brochure. Contact me for additional details. TANZANIA - 15-DAY NORTHERN CIRCUIT CLASSIC SAFARI & PEMBA DIVE ADVENTURE - PRIVATE GROUP Tanzania - 15-day Northern Circuit...
  18. aquabluegreg

    EV Grand Sea Explorer - Mar & Apr 2021 - $300 OFF

    Explorer Ventures Grand Sea Explorer Egypt Red Sea March & April 2021 - $200 Discount We have berths available for Red Sea trips on the Grand Sea Explorer for the months of March and April 2021. These trips are discounted by EV from $1895 to $ $200 per person. Book a trip with us and...
  19. aquabluegreg

    Heaven Saphir Liveaboard - Egypt Red Sea

    We are now booking the Heaven Saphir liveaboard for charters in the Red Sea. Dscount packages are available as with all of our resorts and liveaboards. Book this ship and get a free Cosmiq+ Gen 5 dive computer. Mention this post. Tech diving and rebreathers supported. Website Post: Liquid...
  20. Diving Puerto Morelos

    Diving Puerto Morelos

    Puerto Morelos is a small fishing town located in between Cancun and Playa del Carmen in Mexico. There are an abundant amount of schooling fish off the coast. Plus we should observe a few large turtle and rays around a few of the shipwrecks.
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