1. UWA underwater adventures

    - My Review for Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Diving | Red Sea , Caves Site

    This time I will show you my experience with the Ocean Reef full face mask. A few words about the mask: The full face mask was a surprisingly amazing experience! The sealing around the face is perfect and comfortable! The visibility in this mask is open and wide and really allows you to see in...
  2. SSC-uba

    Liveaboard Gaia Love in Raja Ampat - Trip Report

    I was on the Gaia Love for a 10 night sailing almost exactly 8 months ago and have finally brought myself to write a short trip report. I'm not going to spend any time describing the diving in Raja Ampat, as it is already well documented that the diving there is amazing. I have added a summary...
  3. AdamSa

    Looking For Nanight Video Light Sample Video or Reviews

    Does anyone have Nanight Video lights? If so can you provide some feedback on the quality and light output? It would be great to see some footage shot using these lights!
  4. JCope3

    New Poseidon Xstream (black) - an amateur review

    Ok so before I give you my opinion, I must first say that I'm not a seasoned veteran like a lot of people on here. In fact, I'm fairly new to the diving game, only about 2 years in. However, I dive pretty much weekly, if not more, and I have spent the summer getting certified and working as a...
  5. S

    Review: Fiji & Vanuatu diving

    (Firstly - want to say thanks to this community! By reading about other people's experiences and recommendations, I was able to confidently plan my diving trip!) From Sydney, I decided to go on an end of October dive-focused vacation. These are quick reviews of my experiences. Pacific Harbour...
  6. workmaster2n

    Durability of Seaskin Nova Drysuit

    It's time to replace my TLS350. The fast facts: - Australia based - The sun is no joke - Significant amount of wreck diving -- Not a lot of opportunity for penetration, but lots of jagged bits - Basic cave certified -- Might get more into it, but not a focus - A lot of shore diving out here...
  7. Rick_C

    XTAR D36 5800 dive light review

    I’ve been testing the XTAR D36 5800 and just posted a video review. The light can be used as both a flood light and a spot light. I like having the light mounted as my primary video light and switching to the spot light when not doing video or searching for critters. Any questions, let me know.
  8. aviator8

    Xtar D26 1600 light review

    The folks over at Xtar were nice enough to send me a light to test and share my thoughts. I received an Xtar D26 1600 the other day. The first thing I do with any new light is go through everything it comes with and read through the manual to see if it is straightforward to follow. With...
  9. SoSpiffy

    Busuanga Island (Coron) Report

    So this was about a month ago...took a while to find time to sit down and write this report. The wife and I completed our OW cert a month prior to our trip and were excited to go on our first holiday that included diving (as well as first holiday just the two of us in over 2 years). This was our...
  10. VE7DAC

    Deep 6 Triton's Abacus / Review

    I bought a Triton's Abacus from Deep6 (Abacus from this point on) within a day of it going on sale. It's my first dive computer, and I bought it before even taking my open water course. I had a hunch I was going to really enjoy diving, and that seems to be the case. My primary reasons for...
  11. Laval

    Recent Experience with MV Andaman Diva Liveaboard

    Hello divers, Could anyone share their RECENT experience with the Andaman Diva Liveaboard? I read some mixed reviews about the Diva: from very good to very bad. The most recent review I found was from a fellow who took three trips with the Diva over the years, and he noticed a dramatic...
  12. dave22387

    Deep 6 Eddy OW wreck review

    Eddy fins my new favorites: I wear a 10.5 shoe and use a size 10 hard sole 5mm neoprene bootie (DGX specials). I originally ordered the Large Eddy's and determined them to be a touch too small for my size foot (pressed against the top of my foot and squished my toes) and exchanged them for a...
  13. M

    LeisurePro Troubles

    Earlier today I posted my rant on reddit, and it was suggested that I post it here as well. Before I start the rant I would like to note that my customer support case has already been closed, and I am not looking for further action. About a month ago (September 6th), I placed an order for a dive...
  14. PoPo Diver

    Mermet Springs, IL Quarry Review

    Review Number 2!!!! I just (like 4 minutes ago) posted a review of the first site of my diving weekend, and here is number two. Mermet Springs located in Belknap, IL. It boasts the slogan of "Dive in First Class". It's claim to fame is it was a (mostly) full length Boeing 727 airliner...
  15. PoPo Diver

    Pennyroyal Quarry, Hopkinsville KY

    Good evening!!! Just spent the weekend diving in two great locations. This is the first of 2 reviews. This review is of Pennyroyal Quarry, located in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Please note, I will not discuss actual prices of goods, services, etc. only because those are subject to change...
  16. OrcaTorch

    REVIEW: OrcaTorch palm size 1000lumens portable dive light D520

    This is a underwater diving video shoot by Akmal Obit:
  17. Spearfishing Cozumel

    Suunto D4f Review: A Great New Freediving Watch with a Familiar Look

    I recently had the opportunity to test out this Suunto D4f freediving watch here in Cozumel, Mexico. No scuba mode, though I know there are some enthusiastic free divers among the ScubaBoard people. Here are my thoughts...
  18. Y

    Trip Report: Raja Ampat (on a Budget) - May 2017

    PRELUDE Raja Ampat is on everyone's diving bucket list and rightly so. But let's face it: prices are steep and not everyone can afford to splurge. Fortunately local homestays offer budget options catering to divers/travelers such as myself. This is a report from my recent trip to R4 in May...
  19. R

    Azalea Cruise March 2017

    I've just came back from a truly awesome six-day safari around Maldives on a luxury diving liveaboard Azalea Cruise. Azalea Cruise The boat is one of the newest on Maldives (it was built in the end of 2015). This is noticeable for its interior design. The meal is a full board in a buffet...
  20. Krazyklaws

    Any reviews? Exposure Lights - Action 9

    I'm on the prowl for a new torch, and these seem new and interesting. Looking for something small that can clip to my harness for warm water recreational diving. I just want something to peer into dark crevices, but adjustable to double up as a night dive torch. All good viz, warm water. I'd...
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