1. Yozhen_Of_The_Swamp

    Microphone push-to-speak button rebuild for Ocean Reef G.Diver Comm

    The push-to-speak button broke. I plan to use a similar threaded water proof button as shown, so I can go to a female pex/pvc pipe and back to the same threading of the original. I am just unsure of what wires after tinning should make their way to the microphone? does the shielding need to...
  2. Doug Gold

    For Sale !

  3. tarponchik

    Is this true?

    ...firing a powerful underwater flash can break the radio connection between a dive computer and a separate pressure sensor. It can, concerningly, cause the dive computer to crash. Has anyone experienced something like this?
  4. G

    For Sale SELLING - 1 Used, 1 Refurbished Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue VHF Radio w/GPS for Divers $800 OBO

    Hey scuba people! I'm selling two of the original Nautilus Lifeline's with GPS and VHF Radio. These were discontinued back in 2016 and replaced with a simple EPIRB style device EDIT: I've been informed this is an incorrect classification of the current model of Lifeline. The current model is a...
  5. Father

    Using a 2-way radio in the water?

    Has anyone ever used a 2-way radio on a dive to communicate with the boat once they surface? If so, can someone recommend a good waterproof radio & (hard or soft) case combo that are good to and beyond recreation depths? Any tips on how to use the radio when you've reached the surface in order...
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