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  1. Hartattack

    Recreational Pony Bottles, completely unnecessary? Why or why not?

    My vote, unnecessary. A diver should be able to calculate what’s on their back (or side) and set aside a minimum gas (reserve) for an emergency in their dive plan. The added weight, drag, and configuration would hinder a recreational diver more in an emergency than it would help. All dive...
  2. The Cosmicist

    Want to Buy AL-40 Pony Cylinder/Setup

    I’m looking for an AL-40 cylinder for a pony setup. If someone also has an environmentally-sealed reg set and/or rigging they’d like to part with, I’d be even more grateful. I’m in coastal GA but can travel to SC or North FL/Cave Country to pick up or meet in the middle. Thanks for the help...
  3. The Cosmicist

    SOLD!!! WTB Ended - Bailout/Stage Reg Set for Pony Bottle

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a bailout/deco reg set that will first see use on a pony bottle, then maybe on a stage cylinder later. If beggars can be choosers, I'd like something environmentally sealed and diaphragm (or Poseidon haha). Something like DGX, Dive Rite, ScubaPro, etc. It's fine...
  4. The Cosmicist

    Advanced Beginner Gear Grab - Helpful for others too?

    Alrighty then. I've managed to get irritated enough in about 15 dives to want my own gear (more or less) immediately. Like most of us, I have pockets that you can see the bottom of and want to choose wisely. I would consider myself an "advanced beginner" or "beginning advanced" due to...
  5. S

    Pressurised reg soaking

    Hi all, new divers who just invested in x2 Apeks XL4+ kits for me and my wife. After reading the manual it specifically says about pressurised soaking the regs for around an hour, which I intend to do. TLDR What kit should I get to pressure soak the regs. I was intending to get a "spare air"...
  6. Fishhy

    Thoughts? Pony bottle to integrated octo / inflator?

    I was pondering a 13 or 19cuft pony setup. Anyone just attach it to an integrated inflator / octo setup to avoid additional hoses? Obviously the downside is that I'd be using my octo air when I'm adjusting boyancy, but my purpose for it is otherwise as a bailout tank only not deco tank and I'm...
  7. umbert

    SOLD!!! Pony bottle with regulator and safety valve + gauge

    Used a handful of times. Last hydro was done 11/13 Works perfectly, still has air in it. Comes with regulator, handle, straps, gauge, safety valve and picker too :) Local Chicagoland pick up preferred. $150 email me here : hubert789@att.net
  8. J

    Scuba Tanks for Sale - New & Used

    I still have several scuba tanks I'm selling: Scuba Tanks for Sale Jim
  9. jokaz82

    “Snorkel” with spare air?

    Anyone “snorkeled” with spare air? Pros? Cons? Also, does anyone dive with just a small pony bottle? I want something that I can do at the beach without having to have my equipment.
  10. D

    SOLD!!! NEW Pony Tamer 2-piece bracket and used X-Bracket

    NEW Pony Tamer 2-piece bracket and used X-Bracket $30 for PTB + shipping $20 for XB + shipping $50 for both (includes shipping) (tanks and clamps not included)
  11. D

    Closed: NO LONGER AVAILABLE Scubapro MK2 and R380 with pony bottle gauge. RBS system. Used once.

    MK2 R380 and pony bottle gauge, used once. Bailout setup. | eBay Scubapro MK2 and R380 with pony bottle gauge Used once. Came from man who had heart attack and can no longer dive Unit is in excellent condition and clean Buy with pony tamer and x-bracket and will refund 20%
  12. D

    Closed: NO LONGER AVAILABLE New Pony Tamer, 3-piece AND used X-Bracket

    New Pony Tamer Cylinder Holder and used X-Bracket | eBay Pony Tamer 3-piece pony bottle holder. New -- no box. Should be used with 19cuft bottle or smaller. X-Bracket is used however it is anodized aluminum and is in perfect working order. Image from web. Attach to tanks with hose clamps...
  13. G

    Tech 40 with a Pony Bottle?

    Hi all, First post here. Please be gentle ... Anyway, I was looking at a thread and came across Andy Davis article where he compares the PADI Deep Diver course with Tech 40. In outlining the equipment options he refers to single back-mount with appropriately sized pony bottle as an alternative...
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