1. BackscatterUW

    Weird Underwater Lenses

    WEIRD UNDERWATER LENSES Let’s Get Weird When it comes to underwater photography lenses, the best performance and most reliable results are going to come from either the ultra-wide fisheye or high-magnification macro ends of the lens spectrum. These have long been the go-to types of lenses for...
  2. BackscatterUW

    Info How To Shoot Stingrays

    STINGRAYS UNDERWATER PHOTO TIPS FOR LITTLE CAYMAN By: Tiago Peixoto Little Cayman is truly a fantastic place for underwater photographers for so many reasons. To name a few: clear blue water, the virtual absence of currents, friendly fauna, and some World-Class dive sites only minutes away...
  3. BackscatterUW

    Info The Zen Of Underwater Strobe Placement

    THE ZEN OF UNDERWATER STROBE PLACEMENT WHERE THE %$#@! DO I PUT MY STROBES? By Jim Decker Over the years I have taught thousands of people how to shoot underwater. By far the number 1 question I am asked is “Where do I put my strobes?” as if there is one magic position to put their strobes. My...
  4. BackscatterUW

    Info Introducing the Backscatter Color Filter System

    INTRODUCING THE BACKSCATTER COLOR FILTER SYSTEM GET CREATIVE FOR A WHOLE NEW LOOK Add a new dimension to your videos and photos with the Backscatter Color Filter System. The Backscatter Color Filter System is compatible with the Backscatter Mini Flash MF-1, Backscatter Macro Wide 4300 Video...
  5. BackscatterUW

    Info GoPro Hero 10 – Underwater Review

    GOPRO HERO 10 UNDERWATER REVIEW Backscatter's GoPro HERO10 Underwater Camera Review THE BEST UNDERWATER GOPRO YET The GoPro HERO10 Black offers new 4K 120p & 2.7K 240p super slo-mo video, new HyperSmooth 4.0 digital image stabilization with automatic Horizon Leveling, and a new processor that...
  6. BackscatterUW

    Sony A1 Underwater Camera Review

    Sony a1 Underwater Camera Review By: Jim Decker The Sony a1 on paper looks like the “one” camera to rule them all. With high resolution (50mp), speed (up to 30 fps stills), and 8K 30p/4K 120p video, can this camera live up to being a jack of all trades AND master of all? After testing the...
  7. M

    Wanted Inon S2000 Strobe

    Hi, i am looking to buy a Inon S2000 strobe. if you have arms and fiber optic cable with it then that would be a plus. message me if you have one. Thanks
  8. P

    Closed Kraken Sports Hydra 5000 underwater scuba diving lights (pair) for photo and video

    Selling a pair of Kraken Hydra 5000 WSRU underwater scuba diving lights. Complete with a 5000-lumen flood light (4 power levels) and an 800 spot (3 power levels) ALSO Red and UV modes. This light does it all. The only reason I am selling is because I bought their new hydra 8000 lights. I’ve...
  9. BluewaterPhoto

    Underwater Photo/Video Courses

    If anyone is interested in live online classes and seminars on the topics of photo and video, marine biology, scuba diving travel, and more, check out the website below and see if anything interests you.
  10. Y

    Easy menu for Anilao must see critters and dive sites

    As a macro lover, I always do some homework before travelling. Yet, sometimes I find it hard to know exactly what to see there. Thus, I consolidated my own photos and create my own blog. By searching the location, all related critters would be listed. Anilao the must go muck dive voted as the...
  11. DiveHeart

    Foto Houze & LA Underwater Photography Society help Diveheart!

    Foto Houze is proud to participate in a fund raiser for Jim Elliott and his team do excellent work with children, veterans and others with disabilities. The Los Angeles Underwater Society donated several underwater images to DiveHeart and are now available to Foto Houze customers...
  12. SeaInFocus

    $500 off Solomon Islands Photo Workshop w/ Immersed Imaging

    Join Nauticam Ambassadors Todd Winner and Michael Zeigler (collectively Immersed Imaging) in the Solomon Islands for another unforgettable 10-day adventure aboard the world-famous Bilikiki, August 10-20, 2019! We'll be on-hand for one-on-one photo/video instruction to help you take your skills...
  13. Miahansne

    Malaysia march and april

    Hey! Will be traveling, or more likely snorkling, freediving and scubadiving in Malaysia march and april 2018. Between dives walks in nature and photos! Nightlife= with a book and nice calm surroundings. So, I’m looking for scuba divers and freedivers (or soon to be I’m a total noob! We could...
  14. Rick Voight

    1st Underwater Camera sketch

    Here's a sketch of the first underwater camera housing. Diving Museum shared it with us (Vivid-Pix) so we could RESTORE it. Pretty cool. Love to see the first underwater photos! Sea Ya, Rick After RESTORE: Before RESTORE:
  15. Rick Voight

    Vintage Photos

    Hi All, Do you have Vintage Photos - photos from underwater and topside? (wow, this is my 40 year certification anniversary!) ScubaBoard Net Doc (Pete), the folks at History of Diving Museum, and Vivid-Pix (me - Rick) have come up with a way to have fun with your and our photo memories - a...
  16. 2ndjetty

    Dive Report Palos Verdes Last Night

    Drove down to Old Marineland in PV to look for nudis yesterday evening. Vis was green and about 8ft, and when the sun dipped into the gray clouds, dropped to about 5ft. Surge period was light with 1-2ft drags. Here are a couple shots: - Brent
  17. Maluku Diving

    DSLR Underwater Camera Settings for Divers

    DSLR Underwater Camera Settings for Divers - Blog Maluku Diver Resort DSLR cameras today come with many features that can be very overwhelming if you are a new shooter. Additionally, if you have the wrong settings, you may think that the camera is faulty when really a small adjustment will...
  18. Mike Veitch

    5th Annual Photo Workshop in Lembeh Strait

    Hello folks, for those of you still looking for a great summer (or winter if you are below the equator :) ) dive trip then this might be what you are looking for. We are conducting our 5th annual Photo Fun Week at NAD Lembeh Resort in North Sulawesi from 29 July to 5 August. This is a 7...
  19. BluewaterPhoto

    Sale - Komodo Liveaboard Photo Workshop

    We're offering a fantastic price to join our photo workshop in July 2017 aboard the Indo Aggressor. The photo workshop will be led by professional photographer and Bluewater trip leader Mark Strickland, with daily photo instruction (wide-angle and macro) plus fun image reviews. See mantas...
  20. N

    For Sale Complete Canon Dive Camera Setup - JUST SERVICED! -- SOLD! -- PLS DELETE

    Complete Canon Dive Camera Setup Ikelite 6870.50 50D housing, original box, zoom gears, housing, tray Ikelite 5503.90 port for 17-85, original box and neoprene port cover Canon 50D camera, original box, part of a kit that included 18-200 lens, not included, manual Canon 17-85 lens, original...
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