1. ScubaHankNYC

    Nudibranch crawling along the ocean floor

    Phyllidia Ocellata Cuvier captured in Fiji with Panasonic GH5, 14-42 lens, CMC-1 wet lens
  2. Nudibranch  - Phyllidia Ocellata Cuvier - Moving Across Oceanfloor

    Nudibranch - Phyllidia Ocellata Cuvier - Moving Across Oceanfloor

    Nudibranch - Phyllidia Ocellata Cuvier spotted moving along the ocean floor in Fiji. Scuba diving guides were provided by Waidroka Bay Resort.
  3. Nudi-madness


  4. Lumix DMC LX10 (LX15) test shots - Nudibranchs at Yaene, Hachijo Island, Japan [4K, 30 fps]

    Lumix DMC LX10 (LX15) test shots - Nudibranchs at Yaene, Hachijo Island, Japan [4K, 30 fps]

    Hexabranchus sanguineus (Spanish Dancer) and Phyllodesmium briareum nudibranchs at Yaene, Hachijō Island, Izu Archipelago, Japan - September 2021Test shots o...
  5. klausi

    Nudibranch Time Lapse

    Nudibranchs, like terrestrial slugs, move at a slow speed, which is limited by the anatomy of the gastropod foot and by the trade-off between the benefits of moving fast and the cost of speed. The slow speed fits their anatomy and their niche; still for the human vistal system, evolved for...
  6. klausi

    Bug Eye Efforts

    I had the chance to do some dives with my Inon "bug eye" converter lens, which is a wide-angle lens, but one which allows for a very close focal distance. This lens is tricky to use, anything more than a few cm away from its glass it won't focus on very well. I found that it's a much better...
  7. A

    Drawings of sea creatures - especially sea slugs!

    Since my plans for exploring SE Asia were completely obliterated, I've been spending my days on the couch reading and writing papers. It was becoming a bit too dull so I've decided to try something different for a while. I've always liked drawing and while I'm very far from excelling at it, I...
  8. 2ndjetty

    Nudibranch DEVOURING Krill at Night!

    I posted this one on Facebook but wanted to share here as well. It's a Melibu Viridis nudibranch feasting on krill attracted by my lights. Filmed in Dumaguete, Philippines diving with Atlantis Resorts. Can't wait to dive with these again once we can travel. Anyone else?!
  9. klausi

    Nudibranchs and Turtle from the Philippines

    I discovered a new dive site in the Dauin area with an unusual diversity of nudibranchs, and managed to film a few. I used my Olympus EM-1, with a 60 mm macro lens, and a 1200 lumen video light. The camera has an option for a digital zoom, this gets me some really hefty magnification, as seenn...
  10. ScubaHankNYC

    Spanish Dancer Navigating the Reef

    Here's a Spanish Dancer aka Dorid Nudibranch navigating a free off the coast of Egypt in the Red Sea. I shot this with a Sealife DC2000 + 2500 lumen lights
  11. klausi

    News from the Underwater Humor Frontlines

    As we all know, if we just change the way we speak about things we can easily solve pretty much all real problems. This seems to be the motivation behind this petition to change the name of the damselfishes to “Hooliganfishes”. It would certainly be a more apt name for the very aggressive fishes...
  12. klausi

    Siquijor Ocean Videos

    I've had the pleasure of spending a few weeks in Siquijor, Philippines, and made a few videos: This is a medley of the fishes one can see in the ocean around here ... quite diverse, and lots of larger snappers left too, which one can't take for granted in densely populated Southeast Asia. One...
  13. Nudibranch - chromodorididae (miamira magnifica)

    Nudibranch - chromodorididae (miamira magnifica)

    Kurnell, Sydney
  14. 2ndjetty

    Spanish Shawl Eggs Galore

    Made a couple dives in Malibu over the weekend. Tons of spanish shawls laying eggs right now. Here's one of them. Conditions are looking nice this week for more beach diving... and more eggs!
  15. Sea Bees Diving

    From Frog Fish to Whale Sharks – the who’s who of marine creatures in Thailand

    1. Whale Shark The largest fish on the planet is not only at the top of our list, it is also an absolute highlight for most divers. No wonder then that we get daily enquiries about when and where to find and dive with whale sharks. In Thailand there are spots where lucky divers can come...
  16. klausi

    New Dauin Macro

    Diving has been excellent in Dauin in Negros lately. While the macro here is always superb, we have been blessed with a lot of interesting nudibranchs, which is not so common most of the time. Also, the funny skeleton shrimp are back in large numbers, and a lot of other macro animals seem to...
  17. TI1976

    Nudibranch - Polycera

    Here is a clip of some Polycera quadrilineata nudis i have filmed recently.
  18. Tilika

    Need Nudibranch Photos for a Painting Project!

    3 days to World Watercolour Month! I've decided to do 31 tiny paintings, one for each day of July and picked Sea Slugs/ Nudibranchs as my subject. I've got a couple of original photos to use as reference for a few days but id really love some help! If you've got a unique and stunning Nudi...
  19. mattia_v

    Raja Ampat - April 2016

    We spent a great week with Papua Explorers in Raja Ampat - liveaboard was both too expensive and didn't fit our travel dates well, and the idea of staying on dry land and relaxing in the hammock between and after dives was appealing. Great people, great service, and fantastic diving, although a...
  20. Mikey03438

    Marine conservation Divemaster Internship

    Hi everyone. Im really looking to picksome brains. My girlfriend and I are looking for a place to do both our divemaster internship and a marine conservation internship/course. We had comitted 4months to a place that claimed to do all this in Malaysia, sadly the reality was very little dm work...
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