1. Ma Nu

    Measurement of the Apeks Lifeline

    Hey Divers, does anyone have an apeks lifeline spool 60m (or 30m/45m) and could give me the measurements of the spool? Radii / Spacing / Width / Height / Weight. It would be really great if someone could do this for me :) Thanks a lot in advance and save dives! Manu
  2. G

    For Sale SELLING - 1 Used, 1 Refurbished Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue VHF Radio w/GPS for Divers $800 OBO

    Hey scuba people! I'm selling two of the original Nautilus Lifeline's with GPS and VHF Radio. These were discontinued back in 2016 and replaced with a simple EPIRB style device EDIT: I've been informed this is an incorrect classification of the current model of Lifeline. The current model is a...
  3. D

    For Sale Nautilus lifeline

    Hi everyone up for sale is my new never used Nautilus lifeline. Just needs a battery and its good to go. Bought it for a trip, forgot to bring it and then never used it. Asking $75 bucks.
  4. Denis Sab

    Nautilus Lifeline old generation

    Hi there, I'm trying to buy a few Nautilus Lifelines - I'm in Mozambique, so it has to be online... I only find the new generation, which only offers the distress button, but no VHF anymore. Does anyone know where I can find some? Cheers, Denis
  5. jagfish

    Apeks Lifeline Reel...a brief review

    Had a quick look at this spool, but have not had it in the water yet... I want to get it in the water to see how negative it is Discovery Divers Tokyo Vlog #16 - Apeks Lifeline Spool Review
  6. K

    For Sale Nautilus Lifeline v2, Brand New In Box, Never Seen Water

    I am selling a brand new still in the box unit (although it did not come with a battery, I installed one which is said to last 5 years). It is the NEW model, recently updated. It has never been in contact with water, fresh or salt. It was bought as a gift but my family didn't realize I already...
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