1. Joseb111

    Spare Parts for Old AL Legend (No ACD)

    Hello! I purchased a 2nd hand Yoke AL Legend from a surplus seller in Japan, its 1st and 2nd stage bodies are in good condition but its rubber parts have totally crumbled. I gave my reg to the official Aqualung dealer here in the Philippines for servicing and while they have the parts kit for an...
  2. M

    Aqualung legend purge cover

    Hey guys, so im trying to remove the front purge cover on my 2nd stage regulator. I know we can just twist the cover off on most regulators out there. For some reason i cant twist the cover off. Not sure if there is another way to take it off or is it just stuck? If it is stuck, is there a way...
  3. V

    Aqualung Legend MBS for rec and maybe tech diving

    Hello, I have a question for the more experienced divers who dive doubles. I'm an advanced diver who will be diving in excess of 100ft off the Outer Banks of NC. I'm seriously considering the purchase of an Aqualung Legend MBS from my LDS. I am only a rec diver at the moment but if I decide...
  4. CephBirk

    What service kit for this octopus edition?

    I have a Legend octopus (pictured below). What is the proper service kit for this edition? Is it the old 900012 or the new 129798 or something else entirely? Thanks! Legend octopus by CephBirk posted Nov 24, 2020 at 11:20 AM
  5. O

    Wanted Aqualung Titan Exhaust Tee

    Hi all, I need to replace the exhaust tee on my Aqualung Titan 2nd stage (the rest of the reg works fine, the tee just split when it got mishandled on a crowded deck...) I’ve already done the requisite google searches but the closest I could find is one for the Aqualung Legend. Does anyone know...
  6. A

    For Sale BRAND NEW Waterproof D1X HYBRID ISS Drysuit Size Large and more

    Asking $3400 CAD or $2600 USD Brand New Never been used. Again it's never even seen a drop of water. I was going to get back into scuba diving and I've changed my mind. This suit retails for $3950 CAD plus HST (Ontario) = $4464CAD Even in the USA on sale this thing is $3300 to 3500 USD plus...
  7. Scuba-74

    Closed: ...

  8. Dave Kay

    Aqualung Legend supreme

    I just bought my new Aqualung Legend Supreme regulator and tried it out in the pool before a dive trip coming up. I noticed that when the regulator is out of the water it makes and odd sound when I breath. Ill call it the goose honk. I did the position where one would lay back on the surface...
  9. F

    For Sale Aqualung Legend 1st and 2nd stages with Suunto pressure gauge din

    Aqualung Legend 1st and 2nd stages with Suunto pressure gauge. Din connection for a pony bottle. Excellent condition, of course an annual service is needed. $250.00 firm. l'll pay the shipping in the Continental U.S.
  10. D

    For Sale Aqualung Legend Supreme with Apex Swivel Hose

    This reg has seen limited dives. It was used as a backup to my primary. Asking $300 shipped in the US. I have multiple listings for other gear, BCD, wetsuits, lights, fins, bags...Contact me for a bundle deal.
  11. CaseyZink

    Aqualung Legend LX ACD conversion from yoke to DIN?

    I bought the Aqualung Legend LX last year with a yoke style first stage, and have slowly regretted getting the yoke instead of the DIN. With the recent incident involving the ACD closing during a dive, I now really wish I had gotten a DIN. I am still pretty new to understanding all the inner...
  12. D

    FREE Agualung 2nd stage regulator diaphragm with a hole in it...

  13. Ashiquor

    Old regulator, useable or not

    hi, In 2003, I bought an Aqualung Legend Supreme regulator but I never used it (just a try out in fresh water, nothing else). It's in the box for 14 years :( My question is, what is the possibility that I can use it after a service. Is it worth to give it a try, or should I forget it? Thank...
  14. D-Rail

    For Sale Aqualung Legend LX Supreme, Aqualung ABS Octo, Oceanic Pro Plus 2 Dive Computer, Excellent Condition

    The Legend LX Supreme regulator and Aqualung ABS Octo are 2 years old and only have 20 freshwater quarry dives on them. They are in excellent condition. They were serviced in the fall of 2015 and have been stored and unused since then. The Oceanic Pro Plus 2 dive computer was purchased from...
  15. E

    Closed: SOLD Legend LX with Octo and SPG

    Aqualung Legend LX w/ ACD 1st Stage and 2nd Stage Regulators with Octo and SPG. Great Regulator I've had zero issues with it and it has never free flowed including dives around 35F. Around 100 dives with a rebuild every 2 years. Last Rebuild was October 2016. I'll pay shipping you pay paypal fees.
  16. DiverGrrl

    For Sale Aqua Lung 70th Anniversary Legend Regulator - Brand New

    Great GIft! Includes gift box, commemorative book, engraved & numbered USB stick, qualifies for free parts for life - For use with air or nitrox 70th Anniversary Legend - Aqua Lung US - Personal Aquatic Equipment for Recreational and Professional Use $900 Can meet in person in the San...
  17. databob

    Aqualung Legend LX First Stage Failure at depth

    I hope this information is useful to someone. 25 dives after a complete rebuild service for my Aqualung Legend LX I had my first stage fail shut at 60 feet 40 minutes into the dive. Fortunately my buddy recognized the international signal for out of air - eyes as wide as saucers - and he had...
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