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  1. bmorescuba

    Insurance recommendations for CI?

    I’m leading a large trip to Grand Cayman in early April. This post isn’t to debate the wisdom or ethics of this plan. The trip has been rescheduled 4 times already and the plan is to go, despite the Omicron surge and the ever-changing entry requirements. I have a specific question about one...
  2. aquabluegreg

    Little Cayman Beach Resort - Sept 2021 & 2022

    Little Cayman Beach Resort Two Great Trips, One Great Resort September 4-11, 2021 and September 3-10, 2022 We have a great package deal to one of our favorite Caribbean resorts...Little Cayman Beach Resort. Our package includes 7-nights accommodation (ocean front or pool view), three meals...
  3. DiveHeart

    Remembering Adaptive Scuba Training @ Divetech on Grand Cayman

    Remembering the team of scuba instructors and Divemasters that Diveheart trained in 2006 at Divetech on Grand Cayman at Cobalt Coast. Miss you guys. Stay tuned for more memories this year during Diveheart's 20th anniversary. More on adaptive scuba instructor & buddy training here...
  4. aquabluegreg

    Cayman Islands Update - Sept 4-11, 2021 Trip

    We currently have a group trip to Little Cayman Beach Resort scheduled for September 4-11, 2021 which offers free nitrox and free afternoon dives as part of the package. We are NOT requiring any deposit to book this trip with us. We also have similar dates for 2022. Web Post: Liquid Diving...
  5. Ian Popple

    Shore diving in Grand Cayman

    Hey everyone! We’ve just compiled our list of TOP TEN shore-accessible dive and snorkel sites in Grand Cayman. Site #2 is a real local's favorite - #1 might surprise you! Do you agree with our list? Are we missing an exceptional dive site from our list? Let us know what you think. Grand Cayman...
  6. aquabluegreg

    Cayman Islands opening news...March 2021

    Yesterday, the Cayman Islands Government announced its plan for allowing international stayover visitors. While the announcement did not provide an exact reopening date, it is being reported that international tourism will be able to resume in March 2021. The Cayman Islands have taken a far...
  7. Ian Popple

    Cover design update - results are in!

    Hi everyone! Last month we posted a series of cover shot options for our Grand Cayman dive guidebook and asked you to vote for the one you felt best captured the island’s underwater experience. We received an incredible response through social media and here on We’re excited to...
  8. Ian Popple

    Cover design for new Grand Cayman dive and snorkel guide

    Hi everyone. As many of you may already know, Reef Smart has been working on a Grand Cayman dive and snorkel guidebook for the past two years and we've finally reached the end of the production process. All that remains is to select an image for the front cover…and for this we’ll need your help...
  9. aquabluegreg

    Cayman Islands CV-19 Reopening

    FYI, from Clearly Cayman... Due to the restrictions imposed by the phase 1 travel requirements, we are now planning to reopen all the Clearly Cayman Dive Resorts on Saturday, October 3, 2020. Based upon the characterization of phase 1 as a 30-day plan and reference to phase 2 beginning on...
  10. Ian Popple

    East End dive site game ROUND 2

    Hi everyone. Just posting round 2 of Ocean Frontier’s GUESS THE DIVE SITE game. They’re doing this with the raw 3D models we developed earlier this year, just for full transparency. The image show three sites in the East End. Can you guess which sites these are? One is Grouper Grotto, one is...
  11. ScubaNashville

    Cayman's Sunset House dive trip.

    Grand Cayman Dive Trip $1280 dbl October 3-10 , 2020 We booked the entire resort for our dive club. Cayman's Scuba Diving Trip • Scuba Nashville • Parrot Island Divers 7 nights Full Breakfast Daily 5 days of 2-tank boat dives Unlimited Shore Dives Free NITROX Upgrade...
  12. McGriffin

    Grand Cayman February 2020

    I recently returned from a trip to Grand Cayman. I went diving for 5 days doing 2 dives per day with Living the Dream Divers and had a great time. Here is the video that I shot with a GoPro Hero 8. I just got open water certified in the fall, and this was my first time shooting video. I can...
  13. hilljo88

    Shoutout for Sunset House

    A public thanks to staff at Sunset House. We returned to GC in October for a Thursday-Monday 10 dive set of boat and shore dives. Our last dive on Sunday was a long shallow shore dive from the salt water pool entrance. On exit, I had one hand on the ladder, juggled a large camera rig, two fins...
  14. SMAE

    Best Places to Night Dive - Grand Cayman

    Where is your favorite place to night dive in Grand Cayman? I have done a night dive at Macabuca - Turtle Reef but am wanting to explore more options. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
  15. Ian Popple

    Feedback on Grand Cayman dive sites for new guidebook

    Hi everyone. I'm reaching out for a little advice. I work for Reef Smart Guides and we're in the middle of completing a detailed dive and snorkel guide, including 3D site maps, for the Cayman Islands. We've got Little Cayman and Cayman Brac covered, but at present we only have about 10 sites...
  16. ppina

    I have my Grand Cayman week to rent this year

    Hi I have my Grand Cayman week to rent this year . Cayman Islands Tortuga Club Dive center on resort . Two bedroom for 6 persons - Poolside Suites about US1300
  17. T

    Dive shop in GCM w small boats?

    We will be in Grand Cayman the end of April and are looking for dive operator recommendations. Experienced divers, no cattle boats, prefer small shops, small boats, Nitrox, west side preferable since we will be staying in a condo over there. Thanks in advance!
  18. A

    How to Avoid "Guided" Dives? I don't need/want my hand held.

    Too many of the dive outfits "force" guided dives. A concern is that we prefer to not dive close to the group with beginners that stir up silt and scare everything away. As many of you know a good photographer likely has a pace that can be much slower than the rest of the group. If possible...
  19. rsingler

    Trip Report Trip Report: Cobalt Coast Grand Cayman, Aug 2018

    Hi, all! Wanted to report on recent trip to CCGC a couple of weeks ago. First news: no algae on north and west coasts of Grand Cayman, compared with recent reports on the other islands. Reefs appear to be in fair to excellent shape, depending upon location, with fair to good marine life...
  20. Lana.mcglynn

    Cayman Aggressor V, July 20-27, 2019, Twin Room $2595

    Last Call, early booking special ends Oct 10, 2018. Cayman Aggressor V, July 20-27, 2019, Twin Room $2595. Men are welcome even without a Diva. Visit the Top Dive Sites of the Cayman Islands. New Boat, no bunk beds! This trip includes up to 5 dives per day and all meals beverages, much more. For...
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