1. Layla_13.10

    I’m Layla.

    Hello! my Name is Layla. I am half German and half Egyptian. I grew up in Hurghada till I was 8 yrs old. 2019 I finished my Hotel and Management school in Germany. I didn’t really know what to do with my life. I was just sure you will not get me in an Business Hotel again.😂 After a long time...
  2. T

    Ni hao and Guten Tag

    I am a German living in China and started diving more than 5 years ago. As I have been reading a lot in this forum already over the past years and gained a lot of valuable insights, I thought is about time to share my experiences of what started during my honeymoon with the intent of doing a day...
  3. C

    Diving in Southwestern Germany or Luxembourg?

    Any favorite dive locations within 3 hours of Saarbrucken, Germany?
  4. Marcel Steuermann

    Schooling Wels Catfish in my neighbourhood....

    It took a while, but finally I made it. I finally jumped into the greenish, cold waters of the Fuehlinger Lake north of Germany. And hey, what a surprise to see who is living there. Under a platform, far away from the diver´s entry, we found a big shoal of massive Wels Catfish, moving slowly in...
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