1. Chris N

    Emergency gear

    Hi everyone, I wish to get your thoughts on what gear have you got (with brand and model if possible) to deal with in-water emergencies, assuming common issues like out-of-air and worst case scenario like being left out by the dive boat in an open ocean overnight. I'm a firm believer for...
  2. TheScubaPanda

    [DAN - Oxygen Emergency Kit] - HSA/FAA

    Hi dear friends, For the ones in the USA, do you know if there's any possibility to buy an oxygen emergency kit with an HSA/FSA account? First aid kits are supposed to be covered. If the ones sold by DAN are not covered. Any other idea? Thanks everyone
  3. J

    For Sale DAN Rescue Pak - Emergency Oxygen kit

    DAN Rescue Pak - Emergency Oxygen Kit DAN Rescue Pak - Soft Case - $250 or best offer Currently the Jumbo D cylinder has just over 2000 psi in it. The hydro date has expired. I used this DAN Rescue Pak to support the scuba and rescue classes that I used to teach. I no longer have a need for...
  4. aviator8

    Emergency gear attachment methods ---- canisters

    For those of you that are using a canister to hold your emergency gear I am wanting to see how you are securing it to yourself and why you use the method you do. I have setup two canisters one for me and one for my dive buddy. They will carry all the standard gear minus a nautilus lifeline...
  5. dirtDIVER38

    For Sale H2Odyssey Extra Air Source

    This item was left behind when I evicted a tenant. I took it back to where it was originally purchased, Dixie Divers in Deerfield Beach, Had a Hydrostatic test and Visual Inspection W/Visual Plus done...PASSED. Re-filled the tank. One tank for sale. What is pictured is what is for sale. I'm...
  6. G

    For Sale SELLING - 1 Used, 1 Refurbished Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue VHF Radio w/GPS for Divers $800 OBO

    Hey scuba people! I'm selling two of the original Nautilus Lifeline's with GPS and VHF Radio. These were discontinued back in 2016 and replaced with a simple EPIRB style device EDIT: I've been informed this is an incorrect classification of the current model of Lifeline. The current model is a...
  7. rkinder

    Emergency or Incident depends on how you see and handle it

    I posted this on another site so if you have already seen this forgive me. This is a lesson’s learned type of post, as always, I will thank you in advance for reading to the end. I spend a lot of time in the water, many times Solo due to the type and frequency of my non-PSD dives. With this in...
  8. D

    For Sale Nautilus lifeline

    Hi everyone up for sale is my new never used Nautilus lifeline. Just needs a battery and its good to go. Bought it for a trip, forgot to bring it and then never used it. Asking $75 bucks.
  9. G

    Domino Effect

    Up until about a week ago, in my diving, I have yet to witness the domino effect of thing going wrong. Unfortunately That streak has ended, however it was mitigated, and handled. Diving at 120' on a wreck, due to low visibility, I became separated from my partner. I check my gas, 1700 PSI...
  10. dirtDIVER38

    For Sale H20dyssey Extra air Source

    OK...Scuba Diving Folks. I'm selling this H2Odyssey Extra Air Source 6 cu.ft tank which I received from a client who had a financial down turn and was unable to pay his full invoice. I'm a professional photographer not a Scuba diver so don't ask technical questions I probable can't...
  11. C

    PADI-Sipping Air Free Flow?

    Hi, A friend of mine was recently certified, he did his confined water up in New England and his checkout dives in Key Largo. Both shops were PADI and had a very good reputations locally and online. For the free flow exercises, both shops instructed him to take the free flowing regulator out...
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