1. joshua.d.vise

    Drysuit diving - continual issues with air in legs/feet.

    Hi all, Just completed my first pool dive for the drysuit specialty. We used a wing bcd with it, which was a first for me. I found that if I got horizontal (as we should when at the bottom) the legs and feet would fill with air as I kicked, slowly at first and then more quickly as time went...
  2. PEDiver

    Question Drysuit inflation - independent system or backgas for non-trimix dives?

    Curious to hear opinions here. For non-trimix dives, are you using an independent inflation system (i.e. AL6 attached to backplate) or driving drysuit inflation from backgas?
  3. L

    Webbed dry gloves, or another solution

    Hi All, I have no use of my legs, in fact they have both wondered off and I can't find them anywhere. When diving (mainly Egypt, but a few in the UK), I use generic (ebay) silicone webbed gloves, but I'm looking for a 'warmer' solution for the UK. We recently had a dive 'show' in the UK and I...
  4. Waces

    Aqualung blizzard vs the rest

    Hi, I'm looking for a not-very-expensive (but not the cheapest either ) drysuit. I usually dive around Ireland so the water temperature is between 5-15 Celsius. The aqualung blitz seems to be a decent one with a friendly price tag (710-740€) for the 4mm (not the pro)versions. Same price range...
  5. BearCustoms

    For Sale XDeep Seal Drysuit

    Downsizing my collection yet again, this is a barely used SEAL SL01 drysuit in a custom size that is between a ML to L sizing, refer to below measurements for reference. Refer to pictures for condition and fit of drysuit, no undergarments. Asking $2200USD shipped CONUS, open to offers. This...
  6. N


    Hi everyone! I’m planning to get a new Santi drysuit, but I couldn’t really figure out the differences between elite+ and elite+LF. Is it just an appearance difference? Are there any pros and cons? Does the lower waist design affect your performance etc…? Your advice would be much appreciated!!
  7. attack33

    Closed Apeks KVR1 Size Large $1000

    Selling my Apeks KVR1 Fusion Drysuit Size Large. I purchased it during the pandemic due to pretty much all custom drysuit manufacturers being several months out. It served me well! No leaks or issues. I am 6'1" and 205 pounds, picture of fit for reference. Comes with 4th Element dry glove...
  8. EliKmeid

    Diving with an attached Latex Dryhood

    Hey Guys! I have been diving with a drysuit/latex dry hood combination since 2015 after sustaining an ear injury. Long story short I have to keep my ear dry. Ever since I have tried everything from the pro ear mask to ear plugs and nothing works well until I tried the latex dry hoods. So far I...
  9. PEDiver

    Better drysuit bag?

    Are there any decent 3rd-party drysuit bags out there? I have the standard zip bag that came with my suit, but it's a single compartment and doubles as a changing mat. I've been looking for a better bag that can hold my drysuit and undergarments but in separate compartments. Also some pockets...
  10. P

    Closed Done Diving - Selling all gear

    Due to medical reasons, I am permanently done diving (spontaneous lung collapses, for the curious). As a result, I'm selling everything I have that is reasonably good condition. Most of it is in near-new shape, particularly tech-related gear. The few instructor items there have some usage...
  11. PEDiver

    Leaky p-valve or…?

    I got a Dive Rite balanced p-valve installed on my drysuit this year since I was already getting new boots to replace the neoprene socks. I’m generally doing <2 hour dives so bladder management has never been an issue but I thought what the hell. I recently started diving SM and don my tanks in...
  12. RickyVR

    Closed DUI CLX450 Mens Premium Drysuit 2XL Mens w/Divewear, Drygloves, Hood, and Bag $999

    DUI CLX450 Mens Premium Drysuit 2XL Mens w/Divewear, Drygloves, Hood, and Bag. Comes with dry gloves, Oceanic thermal undergarments 400g XL, and socks size large, hood, and bag. Recently checked out in water test tank and found no leaks. Only been used for a handful of dives, owner is no longer...
  13. RickyVR

    Closed DUI CLX450 Mens Premium Drysuit XL Mens w/Divewear, Drygloves, Hood, and Bag **Price Drop** $750

    DUI CLX450 Mens Premium Drysuit XL Mens w/Divewear, Drygloves, Hood, and Bag. Comes with dry gloves, Oceanic thermal undergarments 400g large, and socks size large, hood, bag and ankle weights. Recently checked out in water test tank and found no leaks. Message me and I can try and send a video...
  14. L

    Dry Suit Certification

    I'm planning to do a dive at Silfra at some point in the future but they require a dry suit certification. I know you can learn in Iceland itself but it's expensive. I also forsee myself using a dry suit only 6 times in my life so purchasing one is not worth the maintenance costs. Any...
  15. L

    For Sale Brand New : Santi Light 5/6mm Hood. Sz XXL. Never Worn - $75

    Never touch waterr, still in the bag. Composed of two smooth and elastic neoprene qualities. 5mm neoprene in neck and face area and 6mm neoprene in head area. Finished with 0.5mm nylon jersey from both sides for easier wear. Vented to allow air to escape. A very comfortable and easy to put on /...
  16. C

    For Sale Seal TLS Drysuit - Medium & 2 pair of Rock boots

    Seal TLS drysuit and two pairs of rock boots for sale. Neither the boots or drysuit has ever touched water and seals never cut. Brand new condition! Located in Houston, TX but can ship. Asking for $2200 for the entire package. Website description: SEAL TLS DRYSUIT The SEAL TLS incorporates...
  17. C

    For Sale FS DUI CLX Drysuit XL

    Greetings all! I am selling my DUI CLX Drysuit. I was training with a dive shop and ended up being the only person ever to dive it, so I purchased it from them after competing my training. It has seen a few quarry dives, but with my partners ability to handle the cold and low vis, we have...
  18. Luker

    Drysuit Too Big

    Hello all, I am just transitioning into cold water diving. I was measured for a custom drysuit but the seller told me that the factory said not to bother with a custom size and that a MS would fit me well. I received the suit and am thinking its too big. What do you think? I've attached...
  19. D

    For Sale Used drysuits with life still left in them

    All suits should have neck and wrist seals replaced. Zippers are in good shape. Boots sizes approximate.* Actually body sizes close but not guaranteed. If you wear those shirt sizes listed below, the fit will be approximate except for boots if you're not the size listed. (#1) Large long, 8...
  20. JustinLoos1985

    Question Drysuit Leak Test

    Hi, I conducted a drysuit leak test on my DUI Yukon II drysuit. I did the test with the drysuit right-side out and filled via the drysuit inflator. I clipped the dry gloves on. I sealed the neck with a small plastic bucket and reinforced with electrical Tape. I closed the dump valve completely...
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