1. J

    Seaskin vs diverite vs scubaforce

    I need to decide which one to order. Which one is your favorite? Any recommendations, which accessories to get, must have?! Cheers!
  2. J

    DIR- Generic Dry suit accessories most have

    Why are the must have accessories for your drysuit? Planing to get seaskin trilam for DIR and maybe further down the road some GUE?
  3. Narked_Muffin

    Santi Smart Glove Rings

    Hi all, I've been digging around and am pretty sure I already know the answer to this question, but thought I'd throw it in here just in case someone can help me out. I was wondering if anyone had found a source for just the glove side rings for Santi Smart Gloves? It would be nice to be able...
  4. Bowers

    For Sale FS pinnacle tahoe drysuit, ML

    Size ML, has most of the upgrade options. Neoprene suit, front entry, thigh pockets, suspenders, p-valve, antares oval wrists seals, neoprene neck, zippered wrist cuffs, warm neck, soft boots. No leaks, i just had to buy a bigger suit. Asking $1,500. Willing to consider offers and happy to...
  5. J

    Seaskin drysuit reinforcement for Tec

    I’m building my seaskin now, I was wondering is it worth taking all the reinforcements available? Knee Bum pad Elbow pad Crutch reinforcements Back pad Shoulder reinforcements Which one should I take? In diving with an halcyon harness.
  6. DUI CLX450 Drysuit Compared to MODS Drysuit Trilaminate Scuba Diving Suits

    DUI CLX450 Drysuit Compared to MODS Drysuit Trilaminate Scuba Diving Suits

    Review and comparison of DUI Drysuit and MODS Drysuit. Chapters0:00 MODS Drysuit compated to DUI Drysuit0:11 Drysuit Features0:30 At the dive site1:15 Seam...
  7. S

    For Sale Aqualung Blizzard Pro Drysuit - Brand New - $799

    I have some some brand new aqualung blizzard pro drysuits for sale. Never used still in original packaging. These have replaceable wrist seals and a neoprene neck seal. They were purchased for a group dive trip that was cancelled due to weather. I have 1 of each size men and women's. Here...
  8. Narked_Muffin

    Question Si-Tech neck ring on Avatar Drysuit

    Hi all! I have recently bought myself a new Avatar Drysuit which I am loving, it still amazes me how light and flexible the suit is, especially considering how tough it is too, I couldn't punch a hole in it if I tried! (Which I did try when fitting my tinkle valve, my heavy duty hole punches at...
  9. L

    Drysuit with no LP nozzle or exhaust valve?

    I was given a never used Whites drysuit, it was acquired through a police dept using a homeland security grant. From what I can tell, it appears to be a White's Kodiak Classis. However, there are absolutely no ports or nozzles anywhere on the suit. I initially thought it may have been like one...
  10. W

    Sold! Whites Fusion One Drysuit for sale-$600-SOLD

    Here is everything I'm no longer using. Whites Fusion One drysuit size 2XL/3XL, Whites thermal undergarment, Drysuit boots that came with the suit, Whites Drysuit Hood, and the Wetsuit/Drysuit maintenance and repair manual from AirSpeed Press. Everything is in excellent shape-The thermals were...
  11. C

    Extra wide extra big boots

    I have big feet. To the point where people have made jokes about me not needing to wear fins underwater. I wear a US size 14 extra (or even 2x) wide. I recently bought a drysuit with 3mm compressed neoprene socks, and I'm looking for a boot to go over it. When I shop for shoes, I typically just...
  12. G

    WP D7x vs D10 ?

    Hello, I‘m planning on buying my first drysuit ever, I narrowed down my choice on these 2 relatively opposite suits (D7x and D10), and I was wondering if you would have some advice or testimonies regarding them. Additionally, I’m not a chilly person, I can dive by 10°C with a 7mm wetsuit no...
  13. c34webb

    Sold! Waterproof D1 Hybrid Drysuit L/T

    Waterproof D1 Hybrid Drysuit Lg/T. This is in near new condition with 1 dive on it. Comes with XL gloves, storage bag, 7mm neoprene hood, inflator hose, 3 new spare silicone wrist seals and a new spare silicone neck seal. Retails for $3200 for just the drysuit. $1000
  14. ScubaSamScubaStevesFather

    Best type of hood for Seaskin drysuit

    Hello, After doing a bunch of research and reading lots of reviews on this forum, I’ll be buying a Seaskin trilam drysuit (never used one before). Which type of hood will be best for 40-60 degree water temp? I know there are some hoods that have a “skirt” that extends down to the shoulders (I...
  15. PEDiver

    Scuba Force Xpedition - current thoughts?

    Searched around but could not find a lot of info on SB about the Xpedition (only references in older threads). Does anyone have experience with the suit? What are your thoughts? Currently looking to purchase a new drysuit and move my old one to a backup. For the price, the Xpedition looks like...
  16. thunsaker

    Dry Glove System Question

    Are you familiar with this Dry Glove System? Attached are photos with the gloves, plastic rings and O rings with instructions. I got it when I bought a Viking drysuit on ebay. It came with instructions that are not really that clear. I tried looking for better instructions and videos on how this...
  17. Jess6qb9

    Sold! DUI CF200X Drysuit Women's Medium Purple $650

    I am listing a tailor made DUI CF200X Women's Medium drysuit. It was made for a woman 5' 4" tall in 2011. Measurements shown in chart photo. I bought it used and never used it because the custom suit I ordered from DUI finally arrived. Zipper works but could use some servicing. Sock feet made...
  18. Dralexus

    Question Drysuit boot starting to come off, what to do now?

    Hi guys, I bought a used drysuit recently, it was a great deal and the suit looks fab with the exception of the boots, one more than the other. They are both starting to come off at the front. There are no leaks or at least I have not noticed any in my first dive. That being said, I would like...
  19. Dralexus

    Question Is Ursuit Heavy Light Trilaminate Drysuit a good drysuit ?

    Hi everyone, I have found someone local to me selling a Ursuit Heavy Light Trilaminate Drysuit with a replaced neck seal to neoprene(which I prefer) and it seems to fit me like a glove based on the sizing chart. I will be going today or tomorrow to try it on and the seller appears decent. He has...
  20. larsdennert

    Closed DUI XL suit, boots and thermal

    Size XL could be custom cut. Not mine. Selling for someone else. Size 11 boots, XL thermals, needs seals and probably service was functional prior to long storage. Comes with bags and manuals. Measurements as far as i can deduce: 31" inseam, 16" arms, 50" waist. $250 deal!
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