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    Update In Diving Medicine - 8 Category 1 CME credits

    Dive with me at The Sea of Cortez 10 CME SPACES AVAILABLE! Please come and join Dr. Gary Rose at “Update On Diving Medicine” at The Sea of Cortez, Mexico, July 31 - August 7. He will be awarding 8 CME category 1 credits. There is no additional charge for the CME credit course. Imagine, 4...
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    External Ear Barotrauma

    This is one of the barotrauma that they don't teach during certification at any level. It is very serious, painful, and can lead to permanent injury. Please feel free to ask me about it - When does it happen? Why does it happen? How to avoid it? And how to manage and treat it.
  3. Pod Diver Radio

    COVID-19: Diving after you have had COVID?

    I recently interviewed Doug Ebersole MD* about returning to diving after you have had COVID. I am really interested in hearing from divers who either have or have not returned to diving after being diagnosed with the virus. What is your story about diving and COVID? *Cardiologist Dr. Ebersole...
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    Ear problem, Tinnitus & Buzzing - Never Diving Again

    Hi guys, I'm new here and hope I post correctly and maybe find some help in my very sad situation. I am not sure if im here in the correct address but I gonna try. I started to scuba dive November 2020 and I fell in love straight away. Since November I've been diving 22 times, did all courses...
  5. Splash151

    SNRI VS. SSRI - Advice Needed

    Good Afternoon - I am currently on 150mg of Effexor XR for treatment of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have been on it for 10 months after using Cymbalta prior for 2 years and then moving overseas where it was no longer available. In November, I had completed a dive physical at Dan...
  6. A34735

    Diving Medicine for Scuba Divers, 2015 Edition. Free .pdf download

    Guys: I couldn't see this anywhere else on Scubaboard...but it should be book-marked. The classic underwater medicine text by Drs Carl Edmonds, Bob Thomas, Bart McKenzie and John Pennefather, 'Diving Medicine for Scuba Divers' is available completely free from : www.divingmedicine.info It's...
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