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  1. B

    Bahia Honda -newbie

    Hello all - my name is Bill. I have been recently certified OW. I am heading to Bahia Honda State Park and am looking forward to a dive to Looe key From what I understand this is a good drive for beginners. I have some concerns that i'd like some guidance on. I feel as though key elements were...
  2. S

    Does Dive Guide/SoD ever ‘expire’? Does it matter when you get certified?

    Hi everyone, I’m completing a Divemaster internship at a dive centre through SSI in Greece. I’ve completed all my courses now including Dive Guide and Science of Diving, except my dive centre hasn’t certified me for the last two yet. They are new to SSI here and have been confused about a few...
  3. Ian Popple

    3D mapping and dive guide development planned for Curacao

    Hi everyone. You might be familiar with our Reef Smart Guides from Florida, Bonaire and Cayman, among other places. We’re starting development work on a Curacao guidebook this spring, which would match the same look and feel as the other guides in the series. We would love your feedback on the...
  4. Ian Popple

    Feedback on Grand Cayman dive sites for new guidebook

    Hi everyone. I'm reaching out for a little advice. I work for Reef Smart Guides and we're in the middle of completing a detailed dive and snorkel guide, including 3D site maps, for the Cayman Islands. We've got Little Cayman and Cayman Brac covered, but at present we only have about 10 sites...
  5. J

    Dive guide Curaçao

    Anyone familiar with the Dive guide Curaçao ? dive guide Curaçao Is describes 85 dive sites on the island. Will keep me busy for a while!
  6. K

    Hello from Sunny Islamorada Florida

    DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!! Key Dives wants to welcome everyone to some of the best diving in the world! We have dive club special rates for groups. We want to take you and your club diving! Each 2 tank trip, includes tanks, weights, and a FREE Guide! Visit all the top wrecks of...
  7. yarik83

    Dive Guide Specialty leaves me scratching me head

    I have been scuba certified since 2007 and currently hold a master diver certification with SSI. Naturally with all the diving to get to this point I have done anything from wreck diving to limited vis, navigation, stress and rescue just to name a few. And that is exactly where I left it for a...
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