1. R

    Semi-DIY O2 and CO analyzer

    I'm convinced of the benefit of analyzing tanks for O2 percentage and presence of CO (carbon monoxide). I was a kickstarter supporter of Cootwo, and still think it was a great concept and form factor. I was unhappy with the lack (and tone) of support from Divenav in the past. On my last dive...
  2. mikeny9

    cootwo O2 sensor replacement and CO calibration

    Hello, My cootwo is telling me I need to replace the sensor and perform a CO calibration. I sent an email regarding this to 3 days ago but haven't received a response. Can I perform the CO calibration myself somehow? Where do I get replacement sensors? Are there...
  3. H

    Cootwo Australia

    Hi All I was wondering whether anyone has the Cootwo in Australia (Queensland) and if so how do they do the yearly CO analysis - do you have a bump gas (and if so where did you purchase it) or do you send it somewhere. I think I got culled by the DiveNav spam filter as didn't get a response...
  4. mikeny9

    How to get support?

    Hello, I sent a question a couple of weeks ago regarding my cootwo using the only contact option available from your website here: DiveNav , but I never received a response. I'm fairly certain I need to send my unit in for repair; it's not turning on anymore. Is there someone I can talk to...
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