1. Hulmster|NDL

    Info It's Nice Underwater

    A compilation of clips from the dive sites around Nice, France in April 2022. A short trip down on the train from Paris and some amazing dive sites easily accessible including Le Tombant Des Americains, a 200m wall which we viewed down to ~63m here in this video. All dives conducted on a JJ...
  2. SammyW

    Underwater Smartphone Housings (Easydive Leo3 vs CarbonArm DiveShot)

    I've been like a bookworm with the specs of each of these 2 camera housings... Im 99% sure I'm going to buy one or the other but feel like i need to hear some 'real world' pros and cons from people that have actually used one or the other. Smartphone <<< Link to both here Up until last week i...
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