1. V

    Question Aqualung Axiom BCD

    When rinsing out the air bladder of my Aqualung Axiom BCD with fresh water today, after a week of ocean diving, a blue o-ring (about 18 mm diameter) came out with the water when I drained it with the inflator hose removed. Please see the attached photo. The o-ring does not fit anywhere that I...
  2. elubes

    Closed Halcyon Carbon Fiber Backplate (GUE edition)

    Halcyon Blue Carbon Fiber standard backplate (GUE Anniversary edition). Brand new, never touched the water. Harness is still factory rigged. Has a tiny little white nick in the middle of the backplate (pictured). I will not separate the harness from the backplate at this time. The harness...
  3. EANx

    Whale diving in Southern California?

    New to the area and wondering if swimming/diving with blue whales is a thing here in Southern California/San Diego? If so, any leads to who offers such trips? :shark1:
  4. S

    Closed Aqualung Phazer Fins - Size R - Blue - $75

    $75 plus shipping (if required) - accept venmo
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