1. J

    thinking about getting a new wetsuit

    going to Palau in a few weeks. I have an old Scubapro 2.5mm shorty and very old Henderson 3mm. I'm sure both will do fine in Palau but I am thinking about upgrading to another suit. I think the shorty should do fine most of the time, but this will be my 1st LOB and I hear after a few days of...
  2. S

    For Sale Bare Sentry 3xl drysuit fs/ft

    I recently got a Bare Sentry drysuit 3xl. Has the heavy duty tec boots, silicone neck/ring, silicone wrists, and is set up for dry gloves. Bought it this year and suit has less then 10 dives on it. Great condition, I’m just honestly not that into the suit. Looking to sell it and I’m open to...
  3. CryptKeeper

    For Sale Hollis 8/7/6 semi dry suit with boots and gloves suit used once

    I have for sale a Hollis neotek semi dry suit size large/short was $500 bought this for a trip to South Africa for the cold water but it was too small for me. I also didn’t use the boots and gloves as the water wasn’t too cold. Boots used in a pool only. Wetsuit in pool once and ocean once...
  4. M

    Drysuit opinions

    Hello everyone, I am in search of a drysuit, and this will be my very first. I found a couple used ones that i think are pretty good. 1. Whites Nexus 3 - in pretty good shape and newly replaced seals. Pricing around $300. 2. Bare trilam tech dry - excellent shape, with zip seals. Only been...
  5. wonderand

    Closed Bare Nex-Gen Pro Dry Drysuit (ML) $350 - SOLD

    Bare Nex-Gen Pro Drysuit (Size ML) in good condition. I bought this suit used and leak tested it at home. No leaks detected and the neck, seams, and zipper all appear to be in good condition. Wrist seals should be replaced. P valve is installed but was not tested. Also includes the drysuit bag...
  6. Eldie

    For Sale Bare Nixie Ultra Full 5mm size 4 (new with tag)

    Brand new with tag. Bare Nixie Ultra full 5mm size 4. Only tried at home, has not been in water. Very nice wetsuit and fits me well at 50kg/110lbs but I decided to go with a 3mm + vest combo. $350. Local pick up (NY/LI) preferred or ship via USPS (shipping fee included). PM if interested.
  7. Eldie

    Bare Nixie Ultra 5mm sizing and zipper issue

    I’ve heard the new Nixie Ultra runs small. If you own multiple Bare wetsuit including the Nixie Ultra, let me know what you think of the sizing. I’m the same size in both Evoke (2021) 5mm and the old Nixie 3mm, but heard some people size up with the new Nixie. Also do you have any issue with the...
  8. M

    Closed BARE HD Trilam Drysuit *Custom Size*

    BARE HD Trilam Dysuit *Custom Size* Measurements as follows: Chest: 50" Waist: 50" Hips: 52" Inseam: 34" Thigh: 26" Crotch to Shoulder: 34" Sleeve: 24" Bicep: 20" I'm 6' and the suit fits my height. Latex neck and wrist seals are in good shape. Zipper is in good shape. Boots are XL. Right...
  9. MWright254

    Wanted Fourth Element Thermocline Women’s S Short or Small

    I’m ISO a full Thermocline women’s suit by Fourth Element in the size Small Short or Small :) I’m also open to a Bare Exowear full suit in a size 4! Would be shipping to Sacramento, CA ❤️
  10. R

    Bare Drysuit Boots

    I've got my eye on a Bare XCS2 Tech drysuit and I'm torn between what they call "4mm compressed neoprene boots" and "compression resistant soft boots". I have rock style overboots already. Are the soft boots just socks to be used with overboots? If not, why would anyone want a soft boots with a...
  11. M

    Wanted BARE Reactive Wetsuit

    Hey guys, im looking for a 7mm Bare Reactive wetsuit. size M/L message me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  12. _anak_pulau_

    Quality Issues with Bare Wetsuits

    GREETINGS! Has anyone come across or heard of issues with Bare wetsuit quality. No doubt it is extremely warm, comfortable and easy to don and doff, but within the first day of using it (for 2 boat dives), there were scuff marks around the back (around the sacrum/tail bone area, as well as...
  13. WI Scuba Dave

    Will BARE 7mm Ultrawarmth boots fit Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Fins?

    Hello! Has anyone out there combined BARE 7mm Ultrawarmth rock boots with Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Fins? I wear the US size 11 boot, and wanted to order a pair of Avante Quattro fins in XL. Hoping somebody might already have some light to shed on this combination. I’m concerned that because of...
  14. Sphyrnidal

    Closed XL Bare S-Flex 3/5mm (Core/Hood) Hooded Vest $60

    Since I primarily dive dry, this is just hanging around. It's in great shape with not a lot of dives on it. It adds 3mm to your core protection and 5mm to your dome. So not a whole lot of buoyancy added when you wear it over or under your wetsuit or on its own. Asking $60 (plus shipping if needed).
  15. M

    For Sale Bare Trilam Tech Dry Drysuit (size S)

    Trilam Tech Dry Women's Trilaminate Drysuit | BARE Sports New: $1600 + tax This drysuit: $500 (includes drygloves, hood and fins) Nice flexible suit for scuba diving. This drysuit has been taken care of very nicely. Rinsed, hanged and dried after every single dive. Normal signs of wear. Has a...
  16. Scuba-74

    Closed: SOLD - Bare Velocity 7mm (size XL)

    For sale is Bare Velocity 7mm scuba wetsuit in excellent condition, size XL. I bought this wetsuit new last August, and have taken it out for a dive only 5 times, washing and drying it each time. I've lost some weight this spring, and this wetsuit became a couple sizes too big, so I will be...
  17. G

    For Sale Bare Elastek 5mm Mens Medium-Large wetsuit brand new - Sydney Australia

    Bare Elastek Mens size Medium-Large 5mm wetsuit Brand new, never wet. No wear, no tear. Still has manufacturer tags. Kept in a smoke free and animal free house. Sydney Australia. $200 AUD Pickup in Willowdale near Leppington station. Otherwise buyer pays for shipping within Australia...
  18. Mermumsie

    Sizing of Bare vs Henderson

    Does anyone have experience with both Bare and Henderson women's wetsuits? I am purchasing a hooded vest/shorty to layer over my Henderson Neosport 3/2 wetsuit. The Bare Step-in Hooded Vest was highly recommended by my dive master. My Henderson wetsuit is a size 8. Based on the Bare sizing...
  19. dc3john

    For Sale Bare 7MM wetsuit 2xl

    Lightly used Bare 7MM wetsuit. Black with blue writing on front. Only wore this suit approximately 5-10 times. It's in excellent condition. No fading, no chaffing, no damaged rubber or stitching. Really good as new. I'll add a photo soon. Asking $150. obo Size=XXL
  20. M

    For Sale Secondhand Bare XCS2 Tech Dry drysuit XLT

    Secondhand Bare XCS2 Tech Dry drysuit for sale. Size is XLT. Please check Bare's website to see the measurements for this drysuit. I do not know much about drysuits but this one seems to be in great condition. Go ahead and ask any questions that you may have and I will try to answer them. Bare's...
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