Towable Dive Sled

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I want to build a dive sled that can be towed behind a boat. It could be simple or complex with spare tank and sheild. I want to know if anyone has experience with any towable type dive platform or sled?

I invented one about 15 years ago and I love it. So easy to use. 3 tanks on the surface with a flag and storage catch box. Pnumatic air line of about 100 feet and a tow line slightly less. easy as pie no resistance to tow. you surface to switch tanks and the you are done after 3 tanks or less. fun fun fun
II thought about building one years ago but never did. One thing that I planned for mine, was a "Dead Mans Lever" quick release. The handle for holding onto the thing would also be the emergency release of the tow line. Let go of the handle and it automatically releases the tow line. That way, if you see yourself getting pulled thru something dangerous like a wreck, just let go and it pops loose.
Dam , I need a fab shop or a buddy who has one because this plan of mine to build the baddest tow sled is way cool indeed . There are plenty of surplus rocket body shells just have seen at Apex Sun Valley . It must have precision X Y Z controls and audio , video feed surface to subsea . One big problem do I want to infringe on my solo dive career .
I started to make a cardboard pattern of a steering control devise for this diver tow craft plan of mine . I have combined the rudder and alieron together like the wing of a commerical aircraft with two degrees of freedom and close to the tow rope connection being a mid foward mechanism . I will tackle the steering linkage tomorrow using a simple mechanical design . Happy Easter Rumdumb
The biggest problems that I see with a towed sled, are quick detachment in an emergency as in getting dragged thru a wreck, etc. and Roll.

Pitch and yaw would be self correcting since it's towed by the nose. It would always want to follow it's tow point. You should be able to affect both pitch and yaw a little bit with the rudder and dive planes but when you let go of those controls, it would neutralize and follow it's tow point.

The one that would cause a problem, would be Roll. If the bottom is round, there would be no planing surface and it would just roll as it wanted. If it had a flat bottom planing surface, you could control it by shifting your weight from side to side. It could just end up spinning like a fishing lure.

What if it had dive planes on the front end so you could have some up and down control and a V tail for dual rudder and aileron control? A V Tail would allow both blades to swing to one side or the other for rudder control but also to twist opposite for aileron control of the roll.
Hey Waterwulf maybe we can work on this project or plan together . I will be heading to Central America tomorrow and back to the West Coast in May . I have projects galore and time to explore for this old man . Good Times Rumdumb
Sure, I'll provide any input I can. Stay safe.
Waterwulf Check out those rocket bodys at Apex Sunvalley in images and stidd diver propulsion devise. Those rocket shells are very light and hope the price is right . The steering mechanism I propose should be discussed in private . Thank You Rumdumb Lets keep this thread alive

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