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Starting a New Thread​

Step 1: Find the best forum to post it in. ScubaBoard has nearly 500 forums and you will get much better responses by posting in the forum that discusses the subject the most.

Step 2: Go the the forum you want to start the thread and Click the Post thread button.


Step 3: Many forums allow you to choose a Thread Title Prefix.

Thread title prefixes are not available in all forums. For example, here is the selection for any of the Classifieds forums.

Step 4: Don't underestimate the value of the title! It is the first thing that readers will see and largely determines if they will "click or move on".

noun: click bait
  1. (on the internet) content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page.
Clickbait has developed a negative connotation but the original concept can be used for everyone's benefit. The title should be succinct and accurately reflect the subject of you post — but doesn't have to be boring.

Emojis in the Title​

There is limited support for using emojis in a title, but be sure you select them from the Smilies menu list. Others may not display reliably across all devices around the world. There's a catch though. You can't insert an emoji directly from the Smilies menu into the title box. The trick is to insert it into the editor box and then cut & paste it into the title.


How do you know a Smilie from an Emoji?​

As of this writing, Smilies are listed at the top of the menu and Emojis begin down at the "People" heading. You will know that it is an emoji because it will paste into the title bar as expected instead of something like :sbtinylogo:

Step 5: Choose the "thread type" by choosing the tab above the edit box. This is new in ScubaBoard 2021. Discussion is available in all forums but the others may or may not be allowed in the forum you want to post in.



The Discussion thread type is available in every forum and it the only type available before the ScubaBoard 2021 upgrade.


Article thread types allow 30,000 characters, instead of 10,000, in the OP (Post #1). They also display in a wider format because the member's information is at the bottom instead of the left side.


Question thread types have a number of "voting" features that allows the OP (Original Poster) or ScubaBoard Staff to select a single best answer from the replies.


Polls have always been available in ScubaBoard but not as a special "thread type". Choosing this tab opens the following options:

Question Thread Type​

Poll Options​

There are two types of polls, Single Choice and Unlimited. These two images illustrate the two types and the numbers correlate to the options explained below.



1 Thread prefix of your thread

2 Title of your thread

The following options corresponds to the form that defines the poll
3 Question: This is the question to your poll

4 Possible responses: Each time you enter a possible response a new box will appear below up to a maximum of 10 responses

4a Maximum selectable responses: this selection determines weather it is a single or unlimited poll. The number of responses to an "unlimited" poll type.

5 Options: Zero to four of the following options may be chosen:
  • Allow voters to change their votes
  • Display votes publicly
  • Allow the results to be viewed without voting
  • Close this poll after: (choose the number of Hours, Days, or Months

More detail on Thread Types​

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