Closed Poseidon 🇫🇮 Xtream Suunto 🇸🇪 scuba regulator set 4791-GY Dive90 Jetstream

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For sale is a Poseidon Xtream Deep90 4790-GY serial#400837 scuba regulator set. Set comes with Suunto dual gauge console and Jetstream octopus. Item is in great condition just serviced. Asking $699.99 or best offer

The Xstream regulator models have been developed based on experience gained from deep diving, cave diving, wreck diving and cold water diving.
The different types all share some common requirements on safety through functiona- lity, simplicity and performance.

A number of features greatly improve safety and ease of use:
If debris has degraded the function of the exhalation check- valve, it can easily be reached and corrected by just twis- ting off the diffuser. It is the only part which needs to be disassembled, and if it gets lost during the operation, the regulator will continue to function but must only be used for immediate ascent.
In case of a malfunction in the 1st stage causing excessive intermediate pressure, the safety valve integrated in the 1st stage will bleed off the excessive gas. This system both indicates to you that something is wrong so that you can take action, and because of the up-stream servo-valve tech- nique, allows the regulator to continue to breath normally. (conventional downstream regulators are likely to free-flow in such a situation)
Integrated surgical hose fixing points safely secures the regulator to the diver, but in an emergency allows a distres- sed buddy to retrieve the regulator without undue stress to the diver.
The dead air space is low at just 49.5 ml (3 in3) making CO2 figures (hypercapnia) minimal. Inhalation resistance is in- credibly low and unaffected by depth and breathing pattern Because of the unique Poseidon valve technology, there is no need for external adjustments.
Xstream is fitted with the new ergonomic mouthpiece Posei- don AIR, with asymmetrical lugs for the most comfortable bite.
All diaphragms are protected so that a strong current or using a scooter or tug does not affect either inhalation or exhalation.
A minimal number of moving parts, coupled with thermodynamic engineering, ensures the safe use in an extremely cold environment.

The first stage is a balanced rolling diaphragm ball valve producing extreme leaktightness.
Conventional designs are sensitive to wear, misalignment, and manufacturing precision. A ball always finds its correct place.
Combined with the 2nd stage, the enormous capacity of the 1st stage make the regulator meet the EN 250 breathing performance requirements even at as low as 16 bar (232 psi) cylinder pressure. This means that you gain an extra 34 bar (493 psi) of gas compared to most other regulators!
The Xstream construction requires less o-rings than any other regulator. Except for sealing the blind screws (3-4), there is just 1 sealing o-ring (semi-static) in the bottom- mounted versions and 2 in the side mounted.
The hose routing is developed to be optimised for a redun- dant system, using two regulators. The HP ports are positio- ned to accommodate the use of gas monitoring computers e.g. first stage mounted HP sender/receive units.
Xstream 180° Model
All materials in Xstream Deep are chosen and tested to be optimised for Helium and high flow. This requires special attention to leak tightness, since Helium gas has such a low density.
All o-rings are of the highest Nitrile quality, and rated for use down to -40oC (-40oF)
Deep 1st stage comes in two different versions. One side mounted and one bottom mounted. Both versions are certi- fied to 200m (656 ft) depth, and colour-coded black which in most countries represents a bottom gas mix
PLEASE VIEW ALL PICTURES, as you will receive the exact item seen.

*All scuba gear/life support equipment must be serviced and or inspected by a certified technician before used!*

Please email for more info or pics


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