LED Equivalent for a Salvo 21W HID

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My Salvo 21W HID canister light just bit the dust on today's dive. About 15min in to the dive it just shut off. It was not flooded, and when I tried turning it off/on the light just 'blipped'. (brief on/off).

Once back home I dried everything and checked the light. No flooding, as I expected. The battery read 13.5V so it was good. But again, turning the light on just made the bulb 'blip'. My best guess at the moment is that the ballast has gone. I've emailed Light Monkey to see if they agree with the diagnosis and if so what it will cost for a rebuild.

However, living in Canada I suspect the cost in $CDN (plus border fees) is going to be quite high.

Plus I need something in the interim. What is the light output from a Salvo 21W HID? What type of LED light would be equivalent (or better)?

Ideally I would like something hand-held (but on a goodman handle or sock). It does not need to have a canister, or could have a small one, and it would be great if it could do 'laser spot beam' (like the Salvo) PLUS a wider 'video' beam.

I've seen many lights from places like Big Blue, but it's hard to evaluate the hype vs. actual use. Any recommendations from those who've taken the plunge and bought something like this?



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I use a LM 21W HID, which is basically a newer version of the Salvo, so probably very similar to yours. I dive with people using LED lights all the time, often the LM small sidemount LED lights or the big blue hand held. Those lights are quite a bit different in character and do not have near the same punch as mine. That said, I'm pretty impressed with the big blue hand held and I'd look at something like that.

If you like your current light, I'd be pretty tempted to get it fixed unless the cost is prohibitive. My experience with LM service has been very positive. I bought my light used, they supplied a brand new canister for it, and it was still about half the price of a new light.

Edit: there is one other issue with older lights. Sometimes the canisters are difficult to travel with and/or ship. You should check with LM to see if they will have any problems sending you back the light or if you will have a problem flying with it. The newer ones are all stamped "UN 38.3 compliant" which most airline employees will accept proof that you can fly with the light. If yours is not, you might have problems flying with it even if it meets the specs necessary for air travel.

Extra edit: I see you're the same guy that posted the other thread, so you read the story of someone else who couldn't get their battery back from LM. I would call them, it's a small company and they're very reasonable people.

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