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Be Cautious Diving and Traveling Abroad

Discussion in 'LGBTQIA Friends & Perspectives' started by El Hefe 612, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. klausi

    klausi Marine Scientist

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: Dumaguete, Philippines
    I can second that. I live in the Philippines, very tolerant society in terms of sexual identities, their brand of catholic faith does not interfere with tolerance.
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  2. JasmineNeedsGills

    JasmineNeedsGills Contributor

    I have a few Filipina friends, and have visited the country a few times. The people are great, it's by far the warmest and most open country in the region. The government scares the hell out of me though Duterte is brutalising the place and is a total monster :( Thankfully it seems that most people in the west realise he isn't representative of the country as a whole, and I'd still happily travel to most parts of the Philippines. Though I've visited, I've never dived there, and it's definitely one for the bucket list.
  3. Sbiriguda

    Sbiriguda Contributor

    # of Dives: 25 - 49
    Location: Italy
    There are many legends about Duterte, but the truth in my opinion is totally different. It's not true what they say out of the Philippines, that the police kills people randomly. Simply, when they have to arrest a drug pusher the police doesn't make any effort, not even a minimum effort, to get them alive... In the news you hear for example there is a drug pusher alone in his house, like 20 policemen break in at 1 AM, and then the guy tries to fight alone against 20 policemen and eventually he gets killed...One would wonder why he was so idiot to fight 1 to 20 and why that happens only in the Philippines
    As for the LGBT there is absolutely no problem at all with them, and I would even say that the filipino people in general and Duterte in particular is even more open than many politicians in Europe…
    Philippines' President Duterte says he'll protect LGBT community - CNN
    As far as I know also the LGBT local community doesn't seem to consider him a threat
    LGBT for Duterte

    Unless you are involved in drugs, no worries at all. Even if you take drugs the iron fist policy of Duterte is almost only targeted to local drug pushers, not to consumers, and not to foreigners
    You might dislike his methods or consider them illegal but for foreigners there is no risk at all
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  4. Jcp2

    Jcp2 Literally virtually diving ScubaBoard Supporter

    This is assuming that the accusations against the accused are, in fact, true, and that the identification and location of the suspect is accurate 100% of the time. But of course, we’ll never know. Dead men tell no tales.
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  5. Sbiriguda

    Sbiriguda Contributor

    # of Dives: 25 - 49
    Location: Italy
    Of course, this is a very inappropriate way to "solve the issue", and honestly almost everybody in a developed country would not approve these methods
    But IMHO for LGBT who travel in the Philippines there is no problem at all if this is the concern. If Duterte kills people for their sexual orientation, it would be impossible to hide it. Duterte himself would say publicly that he is against same sex marriage, in the good old days there were moral values, etc. etc. and he doesn't on the contrary he says always he will protect the LGBT community. The local LGBT would protest against him, and you would notice that in Facebook or whatsapp groups or simply talking to them. Philippines in my opinion are absolutely safe for LGBT people, I would say gay/lesbian friendly. In other scuba destinations (Egypt, Maldives, Indonesia, etc.) the government is officially against "homosexuality". The Philippines are perfectly ok instead
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  6. WeRtheOcean

    WeRtheOcean Contributor

    # of Dives: None - Not Certified
    On that note, let's discuss Thailand. You know, the land of "ladyboys." Does their tolerance for trans folk cross over into gay folk, or is that separate?
  7. Sbiriguda

    Sbiriguda Contributor

    # of Dives: 25 - 49
    Location: Italy
    As far as I noticed, in the Philippines many gay men are ‘ladyboys’, at least they are much more common than in Europe. Same in Thailand. In both countries both gays and ‘ladyboys’ seem to be respected by the people
  8. JasmineNeedsGills

    JasmineNeedsGills Contributor

    Thailand is generally pretty good about LGBT folk, though it's a big country and some areas are more conservative than others (the extreme South-eastern provinces tend to be more conservative). Malaysia not so much, though it varies by state - Sabah and Sarawak are better than the other states, and Penang is also better. Kelantan and Terengganu are the worst (a shame, since Kelantan has some good diving). The islands of Langkawi and Tioman are generally more laid back than the mainland, but anywhere in Malaysia, discretion pays - as long as you don't flaunt you'll be fine, "friends travelling together" is OK.

    The Maldives is a total mixed bag. The official line is (like Malaysia) very anti-gay. In reality, if you are on a resort island, you're going to be OK. Effectively, the resort islands are international "bubbles" where the government follows international norms. If you're on a local island however, you'll need to be "friends travelling together".

    One thing worth noting is that the rules don't apply equally. Many socieites such as the Maldives and Malaysia only recognise "sodomy" as a crime, and percieve homosexuality as an exlcusively male practice. Malaysia technically has no criminal offence for gay women and doesn't recognise the "sin". Though it still pays to be discreet, this does mean that in places like the Maldives, Malaysia (and also Egypt, as well as Muslim regions of the Phillipines and Indonesia), women sharing accmodation and "travelling together" will find it much easier than two men in the same situation.
  9. txaggie08

    txaggie08 Contributor

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Vidor, TX
    And then you have the trans issue, which throws most of thay sideways period....
  10. Ace campos

    Ace campos New

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Washington DC

    This is so not true. Im from a barangay in makati when they release suspected drug users/pusher. It included my aunt who is 60+ female with no vices... a neighborhood grandmother who just got back from the hospital... so uts not that accurate. More over moat if the druga coming in are from China, but not one chinese businessmen previously apprehended where brought in for trial.

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