1. Michelle Louise

    Poseidon Jetstream/Xstream questions/observations

    - Coaxial Jetstream vs. non-coaxial Xstream To my understanding the consequence of case geometry fault is that the distance from inhale diaphragm to exhaust must be ‘added’ to the initial (unsubmerged) minimum cracking pressure to ensure no free flowing in all positions. Coaxial...
  2. Open Ocean Diver

    Scubapro chrome plated brass regulators...

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone’s knows if the older chrome plated brass SP regs exhibit the Venturi benefits without the vacuum assist switch (SP VIVA SW) to the same degree as the newer regs with the assist switch on max setting?
  3. Michael Gutierrez

    For Sale Aqualung Titan Regulator

    I Purchased this about four years ago and then had my wife gave birth to our third child. I really have not had time to dive since then. I have used it about four times in total. When not in use it is stored in a climate controlled garage. Please let me know if you have any questions. ASKING...
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