tiger sharks

  1. Dan

    Tiger Shark Expedition with Dolphin Dream October 23-29, 2021

    I am gathering divers who like to dive with Tiger Sharks and other Sharks including Great Hammerhead (hopefully) in Tiger Beach, Bahamas. We’ll be going from West Palm Beach, Florida with Dream Team. We tried to go in November last year (see the links to the previous trip invitations, below)...
  2. SouthFloridaMermaid

    Rare Male Tiger Shark loves mermaids

  3. sharkman.ed

    Do you want to dive Tiger Beach and Bimini for sharks?

    I am signed up for the Dec 3-10 (this year) trip on Dolphin Dream from West Palm Beach to dive Tiger Beach with tiger sharks and Bimini with hammerhead sharks, it is a 2 location cruise. Unfortunately my wife is in the middle of chemo for breast cancer and I need to stay home. This is a...
  4. Sharkphoto

    Tiger Shark Dive Images And Report

    Always a great dive, I have posted some of my images results and a short trip report. Working on a video . Looking forward to next year: from now on the boat will do longer 10 days trips which combine Tiger Beach and hammerheads in Bimini - Can't wait...
  5. Kate Rister

    When To Dive Tiger Beach And Grand Bahama

    I know the diving is best in the winter, but would it be even worth it to dive Tiger Beach in May around the 10th? I am an amateur underwater photographer and looking for something new to photograph. I have done the cenotes in Tulum, whale sharks in Isa Mujeres, manatees in Homosassa, and have...
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