1. Jason Bingham

    Closed Hollis Stainless BP/W System (10 dives)

    Up for sale is a Hollis BP/W system which includes a stainless backplate, original S38 wing, HTS weight pouches, STA w/ stainless cam bands, Elite 2 Harness. This kit was dove 10 times in the Puget Sound and is in like new condition. Full disclosure, the webbing has been cut for a small female...
  2. W

    BP/W - Which one?!

    Hey guys! Looking to get into a BP/W setup :). Currently using a jacket style BCD (currently an Aqualung Axiom I3 & Aqualung Legend LX Supreme regs (DIN)). I'm PADI AOW, and stopped logging dives at around 500, but currently sat somewhere around 800-1000. In terms of the diving I currently do...
  3. ShutterFinger

    Hollis Made in China?

    I recently purchased a new BP/W setup from my LDS and decided to go with Hollis for two reasons. First being that's what my LDS sells and I wanted to support them since they fill my tanks and I need to look him in the eye from time to time. Second reason was because Hollis website states...
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