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  1. penngrad

    Clean up Dives Florida

    Hello all! I recently got my two grandsons 17 &20 certified in OW. I'd like to take them on a clean up dive but I'm having trouble locating any during the time frame of July 3-9th, 2021. That's when my younger grandson will be visiting. We live in SWFL but travel isn't an issue. Any info anyone...
  2. EVRachel


    The last year has shown us how vulnerable the diving industry is to uncertainty and that sustainability is the key to resilience. Covid-19 has changed travel, brought new economic challenges, and added more rapidly increasing threats to the environment. The pandemic has proven that the...
  3. EVRachel

    Explorer Ventures relaunches Dive Green Sustainability Promise

    This May, Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Fleet launched “Dive Green,” a sustainably promise that identifies potential environmental impacts and addresses strategies to ultimately minimize their footprint. Details are as follows: The ocean is a fragile ecosystem which is increasingly threatened by...
  4. Jenny Vannari

    Join me for Reef Clean up trip, Marsa Alam, Egypt

    My dear divers! This is the first Clean-up trip I am putting together, hopefully first of many. This time we will go to Marsa Alam, Egypt from 24th until 31st of August 2019. It would be amazing to have an opportunity to dive together. Of course, we would also be making a positive impact on...
  5. AevnsGrandpa

    Kudo's to Extended Horizons Maui

    The first week of the month my wife and I celebrated 35 years together with a trip (our 4th) to Maui. Of course I wanted to get a dive in and wanted to go somewhere I have not been and do more than a regular dive. So in searching the various shops web sites I came across Extended Horizons (I...
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