oxygen toxicity

  1. T

    Question Shearwater Teric CNS% calculation and Air Integration

    Hello, Does Teric AI take account of breathing rate ou tank's air consumption to calculate the oxygen toxicity (CNS%)? Or does it show the same CNS% value with or without air integration? I'm a average recreational diver with AWO+Nitrox certification who wants take the Tec 40 certification in...
  2. john triggerfish

    Diving past recreational limits...with no deco

    Hi all, it's John Triggerfish here; the world's most entertainingly prominent scuba author and diving supremo. I've just come back from lecturing on the island of Gozo about how to become a middle aged scubahero when I discovered that it's common for PADI divers to go 63m on air to do the...
  3. R

    Attention Deficit Disorder medications and nitrox oxygen toxicity question

    Does the use of stimulants (dextroamphetimine or methylphenidate) predispose one to oxygen toxicity when using enriched air? On a separate note, does the use of vitamin E protect somewhat against oxygen toxicity when using enriched air?
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