1. LFMarm

    Underwater off-gassing equivalent to a surface interval on air

    As I study to get ready for the CCR class, I discovered something that may be obvious to many but was definitely not to me. “Surface intervals are not always the most efficient way to off-gas nitrogen after a dive”. Depending on the blend, there is an optimal depth at which the off-gassing is...
  2. U

    Tips for “Bubblers” - fatigue, headaches and recovery

    I love diving and I want to make sure I am doing this safely with the least impact/recovery and would love to hear from you. While I don’t think I’ve ever had more than subclinical DCI, I seem to suffer the effects of diving more than my buddies. Exhaustion, headaches, aches, nausea, the not all...
  3. CephBirk

    Ascent rate below off gassing ceiling?

    I have been reading (and enjoying) "The Six Skills and Other Discussions" by Steve Lewis. He introduces the concept of off-gassing ceilings which I had not come across before. He recommends when ascending from your max depth to your off gassing ceiling to ascend no slower than 9 mps (don't...
  4. Jax

    Deco For Divers, Ed 2, And Speed Of Helium Off-gas

    Mark Powell's Deco for Divers was so good, I bought the second edition. I've noticed quite a few updates, but one is not addressed. In the Trimix section, Helium is stilled called a "fast gas" and that it's smaller modules will go in and out of tissues faster. Recently, there was a report...
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