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    FOR SALE- Bauer Oceanus Compressor

    Bauer Oceanus compressor Maintained in immaculate condition with only 130 hours on it For $4750 In Merritt Island, Florida Call (321) 455-9773 for more info.
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    Bauer Oceanus Service/Maintenance

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased an almost new, Bauer Oceanus 220V electric compressor. The manufacture date was: 9/2012. I am having a hard time locating an official service manual for this compressor, which discusses basic service items such as but not limited to: 1) Maintenance. 2)...
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    Want to Buy Looking for a Bauer Oceanus/Junior II electric compressor in California

    Hello everyone... I'm looking for a new/used Bauer Oceanus or Junior II Scuba electric air compressor. From my research and understanding, the Oceanus is a slightly more robust unit, and allows for continuous operation, whereas the Junior II is not a continuous unit (meaning it is not as heavy...
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