nautilus belle ami

  1. aquabluegreg

    Nautilus Belle Amie - Socorros - Dec 23-31, 2021

    Nautilus Belle Amie Liveaboard Socorro Isnalds, Mexico Christmas wit the Sharks and Mantas Dec 23-31, 2021 Join us on our charter to the Socorro Islands for a Christmas trip from Dec 23-31, 2021. Dive with the friendly mantas and schools of sharks. The Socorros are open and the diving has been...
  2. Dan

    One spot available in Nautilus Belle Amie May 11-19, 2021 $400 off

    Hello all SB’ers, One of my dive buddies decided to drop off this trip due to the pandemic situation. So we are looking for his replacement. You can browse the trip detail here: Socorro 2021 aboard the Belle Amie And post questions or PM me for additional info. You can use the $400 off for...
  3. aquabluegreg

    What are you missing? Last week on the Belle Amie!

    What are you missing? Last week on the Nautilus Belle Amie! YoiuTube: Brandi Mueller: Brandi Underwater Last week in the Socorro Islands, underwater photographer Brandi Mueller on the Nautilus Belle Amie. You could be there. We get your gills wet! And yes, it's safe to travel to Cabo. We...
  4. aquabluegreg

    Socorros at Xmas - Belle Amie Dec 23-31, 2021

    Sharks, Mantas, Big Critters Galore Book the Nautilus Belle Amie for our Christmas at the Socorros Trip IMPORTANT: Nautilus is also offering credits on the trip to offset the increased Marine Park fee Our Christmas Gift to you - FREE nitrox ($100) and a $300 airfare credit Single Cabin -...
  5. aquabluegreg

    Nautilus Belle Amie - Socorros Nov 2 - $1795 - 2 Cabins

    Nautilus Belle Amie Socorro Islands November 2nd, 2020 Departure - 9 Days $1795 PPDO We have 2 remaining cabins! The Nautilus Explorer and Undersea have sold out for November. Nautilus is giving up on the Guadalupe Island Park officials for this year. For months they have been telling us to...
  6. aquabluegreg

    Nautilus Belle Ami - Group Trip - Dec 23 - 31, 2021

    Nautilus Belle Ami Christmas with the Sharks in the Socorros December 23 - 31, 2021 Christmas with the sharks at Socorro Island on the Belle Ami! This adventure will take you to the Revillagigedo Archipelago in Mexico. Socorro Island along with Roca Partida, San Benedicto, and Clarión are all...
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