1. S

    Cobalt2: Lft/Up Doesn't Work - New Magnets Didn't Help

    Bought two Cobalt2 new in Aug 2017. 1 computer wouldn’t scroll left and occasionally up (slow to respond) out of the box (was 350 miles away from shop in OK). Dive shop said bring it back and he'd swap magnets. Due to family issues & moving to South Tx, computers have only been diving twice...
  2. Dani Pierone

    SOLD!!! Sharkbanz 2

    Selling my brand new Sharkbanz 2 device. Sharkbanz 2 - Active Shark Deterrent Ankle / Wristband Retails for $84, willing to let it go for $50. The box itself was water damaged, but the device itself is brand new, never used. But again, no fancy box.
  3. IslandAdventurer

    My Trilobite is Magnetic!

    So I keep a Trilobite attached to my compass bungee mount.. my compass has been acting funny underwater, deviating every so often or just being plain wrong.. So I figured out my Trilobite has somehow become magnetised and has been throwing off the compass. I used magnetic field detector app and...
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