1. Katie A

    Closed Poseidon Jetstream - Needs Servicing

    Poseidon Sweden Jetstream for sale. Needs full servicing - hasn't been used in years. First stage is din but comes with yoke adaptor. All yours for $200.00 including shipping. PayPal only, please.
  2. L

    Wanted Poseidon Jetstream/Xstream MK3 second and first stage.

    Looking to buy Poseidon Jetstream/Xstream MK3 second and first stage.
  3. BearCustoms

    For Sale Poseidon Jetstream x2, 3960 x2, Din Yoke Converter SOLD

    Clearing out regs. Just checked them and are fully functional. They have not been serviced the last 3 years, Includes: Jetstream 2nd stage x2 3960 1st stage x2 Coldwater covers unused x2 Din Yoke Converter One 26' reg hose and drysuit hose SOLD
  4. js47

    How does the Poseidon Xstream first stage work?

    My question is, how does the Poseidon Xstream first stage work? What makes it different from other first stages? And what exactly is their “Thermo-Dynamic Antifreeze” (TDA) system, and how does it work? The technical info page on Poseidon’s website talks about ”through-flowing water” but I was...
  5. Budprop

    Wanted Poseidon Jetstream Purge button

    I am trying to breath life in my old Jetstream 2nd. I have managed to get everything, but the purge button has a tear in it and I would like to replace it. The problem is the price everyone wants is obscene. If anyone has an extra lying around that they are willing to part with I would...
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