1. Jason Bingham

    Closed Hollis Stainless BP/W System (10 dives)

    Up for sale is a Hollis BP/W system which includes a stainless backplate, original S38 wing, HTS weight pouches, STA w/ stainless cam bands, Elite 2 Harness. This kit was dove 10 times in the Puget Sound and is in like new condition. Full disclosure, the webbing has been cut for a small female...
  2. D

    Closed: MOVED Brand New Hollis HTS 37x Wing BCD Harness System

    NEW Hollis HTS 37x Harness Wing BCD System | eBay Brand new. Never been in the water. Pockets not included at this time... I'm searching for replacements... Starting bid $199 Buy it now $300
  3. D

    Hollis HTS 37x wing ??? Have you seen it before?

    Does anyone have more information on this BCD? What is the model, lift capacity, and retail price new? I can't find anything about it online... It is brand new and I want to sell it. While it has the pocket system (outside), the weight pocket inserts (inside) aren't included... I'd be...
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