1. Hulmster|NDL

    Info It's Nice Underwater

    A compilation of clips from the dive sites around Nice, France in April 2022. A short trip down on the train from Paris and some amazing dive sites easily accessible including Le Tombant Des Americains, a 200m wall which we viewed down to ~63m here in this video. All dives conducted on a JJ...
  2. GoPro 10 setup.jpg

    GoPro 10 setup.jpg

    GoPro 10 setup on the tray
  3. GoPro10 setup -Bottom Bolt Snap.JPG

    GoPro10 setup -Bottom Bolt Snap.JPG

    GoPro10 setup - With bottom bolt snap added
  4. Hulmster|NDL

    Diving the D/S Spring - Norway filmed in 4K

    Filmed this almost 2 months ago now and sharing with you all for the first time on ScubaBoard. This was the first footage captured on the GoPro 10 in 4K 120fps. I was amazed by the results of this little action camera. Since then I have fallen in love with underwater filming and short movie...
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