1. mises

    Red Sea Liveaboard company & route rec.? Experience requirements?

    Hey scubaboard :wave: We are a couple looking to dive a LOB in the Red Sea (Egypt) in October 2021. We were looking at either the northern route or BDE. We both are excited about BDE (since October seems to be the best time for shark sightings?) and the sites aren't accessible by day trips...
  2. Fabian Guggenberger

    Any experience with long-term symptoms after gas embolism?

    Hi guys In April I suffered from an episode of DCS after two dives in south Lombok (No limits exceeded). 90 minutes after surfacing my vision changed, parts of my body got numb and I felt pain in my chest. One hour of oxigen cured the symptomes. But since circulation problems (high blood...
  3. K

    Revision in Progress - Traveling Survey

    I'm working on the survey based on the constructive feedbacks received. To be updated!
  4. Laval

    Recent Experience with MV Andaman Diva Liveaboard

    Hello divers, Could anyone share their RECENT experience with the Andaman Diva Liveaboard? I read some mixed reviews about the Diva: from very good to very bad. The most recent review I found was from a fellow who took three trips with the Diva over the years, and he noticed a dramatic...
  5. lancemajor

    Preparing for Galapagos/Socorro

    Hi scuba colleagues, My wife and I certified this last year and completed our advanced open water certification along with 20 additional dives in grand cayman this summer. One of our goals is to get the experience necessary to feel comfortable diving on a liveaboard trip to Galapagos (Darwin...
  6. Mickey Lynch

    Dive instructor wanted for 2 months on board Super Yacht in French Polynesia

    Hi. We are currently cruising French Polynesia and and are looking for dive instructor who can bring deckhand to certified rescue and dive master level over a 2 month period. Approx 4-5 hours per day, 5 days per week. following plan which is subject to slight changes 15 sept - 10th October...
  7. DivePureBliss

    How to get in the door: Support Diving

    Could anyone tell me more about Support diving ( how it relates to getting a CDL) For working alongside NASA, or research based diving etc. Any info, links, or opinions would be greatly appreciated!
  8. DevonDiver

    Advanced Diving - The Experience Paradox

    I wrote this for technical divers, but it's equally informative for advanced/recreational divers, so I posted it here. It looks at the paradox of how acquiring more significant levels of experience/training doesn't correlate to a reduction in diving risk. Technical Diving - The Experience...
  9. DevonDiver

    The Biggest Risk in Technical Diving (and how to avoid it)

    New article on the blog that some of you may find interesting; The Biggest Risk in Technical Diving (and how to avoid it) "One of the best articles I've read on tec diving in a long time..."
  10. Eric M

    Newbie but not really.

    I'm somewhat uncertain how to describe my level of experience. Here is why and I'm going to ask for your opinion. (Perhaps this is a mistake) Between cca 1982-1984 as member of scuba club in former Czechoslovakia I was preparing to take a diving certification exam. The governing body was some...
  11. DiverSam123

    Gaining Experience and Learning Without Taking Courses

    I have 24 logged dives and am doing my PADI rescue in a few months. I love the ocean and diving and keep seeing tons of discussions all over different forums about topics and concepts I really don't understand, be it 'USN dive tables' or 'buoyancy swing' and 'neutral jets', where can I learn...
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