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  1. D

    Help evaluating a pair of used Deep6 Eddy Flippers

    Hey folks, I'm looking to buy a pair of used Deep 6 Eddy flippers. I've found a seller online who's offering to sell his for $100. He claims they're less than a year old, as good as new and has been used for 'maybe 15' dives. Here are a few of pictures and a video . Overall they look fine to...
  2. T

    Closed WTB Deep 6 Eddy Fins - Large

    Looking for size large deep 6 eddy fins. Open to any color.
  3. subaqueous

    For Sale Hollis F1 and Deep 6 Eddy Fins (Black, XL)

    I am selling two pairs of fins (Images) Hollis F1 Bat Tech Fin - Black, XL (10-12) $120 Deep 6 Eddy Fin - Black, XL (11-13) $120 Both pairs are used but in perfect condition. They have webbing over the spring strap in lieu of the typical rubber heel tab to avoid unnecessary entanglement. I...
  4. Jason Bingham

    Closed Deep Six Eddy Fins (XL Orange)

    Up for sale is a pair of used Deep Six Eddy fins in size XL. They are the wonderful orange color that many people like, including myself, and they have the usual scratches from diving. With all of that being said they still have a lot of life left in them, the spring straps look and function...
  5. T

    Deep 6 Eddy vs Scubapro Go Sport

    I am looking at buying one of these pairs of fins. I want a fin to travel with (so I can't bring multiple pairs), I am looking something that will perform very well in scuba (especially frog kicks), but will also perform adequately for snorkeling and CASUAL freediving. I am also open to other...
  6. T

    Wanted Eddy XL fins Orange

    Hi, does anybody have a pair of Eddy XL fins in orange they want to sell?
  7. _anak_pulau_

    Deep 6 Eddy Fins - from Mares Avanti Quattro+

    Hello bubblefriends, I've been looking at getting deep 6 eddy fins for a while now as a lighter, more neutrally buoyant option to my Mares Avanti Quattro+. Any experience on the difference in how it feels to use underwater and how it compares to other tech fins? I dropped the idea of getting...
  8. T

    Wanted Deep 6 thick boots size 12

    Hi, does anybody have a pair of deep 6 thick boots in 12? They are out of stock online and seems they won't have anymore soon. Also, if you have a pair of size 5s or eddy fins sm or xl, I'd be interested. US or Colombia preferred. Thanks
  9. Eliash

    (nothing technical) Hollis F1 "LT" vs Mares power plana vs deep 6eddy

    Hi guys~ i know there were alot of discussion between the mares Power plana, hollis F1 and deep 6 Eddy. However i still consider starting a new thread because i have my issues and i can hardly really touch these fins before making a purchase, would really hope to get some ideas before actually...
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