1. ChristianM

    Liveaboard tour near Split (croatia) on the MSY Bodul, 1st Oct. till 8th Oct. 2022

    I'm organizing a one week Liveaboard tour on the MSY Bodul in the Dalmatian Sea from 1st October till 8th October 2022 and I still have some spots left. The trip starts from Trogir, Croatia (near Split). We plan to go to the island of Vis with some nice wrecks. Other then that there are great...
  2. v-v

    Greetings from France & Croatia

    Hello, time to officially say hi after a few very enjoyable and thoughtful discussions here. So: hi, I'm Vedran V. (thus my standard username), originally from an island of the northern Adriatic (where I still love to spend all my holidays), moved to France for my PhD and, for now, remained...
  3. D

    Croatia. What is good? And what do I avoid?

    Hi. I'm planning a diving holiday with my girlfriend, and I think croatia is the right country for us. I, however. Am not sure when it comes to picking hotel and diving centre. I don't really care where in Croatia it is, as long as it is.. well.. on the coast. The reason I am asking is...
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