1. LandlockedDVR

    Best snorkeling Florida Keys based on Reef Health?

    Florida native, diver since 1970s but haven't visited Keys since the 80s. Strictly snorkeling now- wanna check out any decent living reefs in the Keys, based on what divers say :) Don't wanna fly (or I'd be in Raja Ampat!) so we'll drive from home in Central Florida to Key Largo and beyond. Best...
  2. Laval

    Trip Video: Dive Sites of Sogod Bay with Sony HXR-NX80

    This is the second of two videos about our diving trip to Sogod Bay in Philippines in August 2019. In this video I was trying to show what you could expect to see at 12 dive sites that we explored during our 10-day dive trip (of 19 dive sites available). This was my first experience with this...
  3. Juergen_187

    Cabilao Bohol - still one of the most amazing reefs!

    It's been 7 years since I last dived the stunning reefs of Cabilao and wondered what they would like like. And yes, Cabilao is still as diverse, lush and healthy as before, with lots of fish life - from pygmy sea horses to...Mantas! Here are a few first impressions, thanks for watching!
  4. Mary Maryland

    Dr. Ruth Gates

    Ruth Gates, Who Made Saving Coral Reefs Her Mission, Is Dead at 56
  5. V

    Raja Ampat and Fiji diving

    I reside in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I am looking to cover Raja Ampat and Fiji for a diving/sight-seeing trip in month of March and April 2017. I am interested mainly in colorful and diverse corals (not so much muck/macro-dive/ whale sharks). i) Please suggest liveaboard companies and dive sites...
  6. The Curly Mermaid

    Batok Reef in Batangas

    I normally don't post on forums, but I recently just came from a trip to Batok Reef in Batangas, and I'm so ecstatic about it. I just wanted to share some photos and a few pointers on how to get there. If you're staying in Manila, Batangas is the easiest dive site to go to since it will only be...
  7. Oceanshutter

    Philippines with new Canon 1dx Mark II

    Hello all, I was fortunate to get my hands on a 1dx mark II a few weeks ago, along with an underwater housing for it. Did a last minute trip to the Philippines to test this out. It is a short video, and I did a mix of macro and wide angle. I used the 100mm F2.8L and some shots with a +10...
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