1. Dan

    Trip Report Raja Ampat Jan 2020 Trip Report

    Summary This is a twelve-day (14-25 January, 2020) liveaboard trip to Raja Ampat on Amira liveaboard. The itinerary, as shown in Table 1, includes 10 days of diving, 4 dives / day, except during long passage and the last dive day for 24-hour surface interval before flying home. Figure 1 shows...
  2. Dan

    Magic Mountain

    My buddies & I went to Raja Ampat on Amira from 14 to 25 January, 2020. Magic Mountain in Misool is one of the dive sites we visited. I’ll be posting the rest of my trip videos as they are published. Enjoy the video. Dan
  3. Dan

    Raja Ampat 14-25 Jan 2020 with Amira $837 off

    Hi all, Amira is offering a "LARRY SMITH MEMORIAL TRIP 2.0" - hosted by his son - Casey Smith. We have 2 spots available for $837 discount each. We will now visit Larry's Irian Jaya stomping grounds - the famous & spectacular dive sites of RAJA AMPAT and MISOOL - as this was the region...
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