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  1. Frod

    Breakaway Connector for X-deep Bolt Snap

    You asked! We listened! Let me introduce you the Fist Free Breakaway Connector for X-deep Bolt Snap (S size)! There are three versions of clip with inner/outer diameter: (A) 10/18mm (B) 11/19mm (C) 12/20mm Was too lazy to go to storage room to get some hoses and I had only my Deep6 reg with...
  2. Batabano20

    Pesky Oceanic Slimline Exhaust Cover

    We have a couple Oceanic Slimline regs, and the little plastic exhaust port covers pop out and go missing. I'd sometimes discover them at the bottom of the dive bags and put them back in, only to have them fall out again. Now vanquished through time, I was wondering if any Scubaboard hobbist...
  3. raftingtigger

    SPEC boots

    SP MK10 SPEC boot. ScubaPro MK10 SPEC boot by Raftingtigger
  4. v-v

    XDEEP Dump Valve Handle Extension (3D printable)

    Hello, I've recently bough the XDEEP NX Project set and I really love it, especially the harness. However, I had difficulties grabbing the dump valve handle of my wing with gloves. The original handle proved to be a bit small and elusive for my poor frontal lobe. So, for the next dive, I...
  5. Aquafilio

    Dive mask lenses (DIY) for better photography V 2.0

    You have poor eyesight and need to see clearly underwater? Have a look at this 3D printed mask frame with add-on lenses that you can make for yourself. It works just fine and will change your diving experience giving you the clear vision that you so badly need!!! Read more about it here: Diving...
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