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  1. Pelagicsal

    Thoughts on Tres Pelicanos vs Aldora

    I know they dived east on Jan. 23... seems like a few days earlier and maybe more recently in the year, too, but I haven't hit it right to go yet this year - except going around past Punta Sur park on the boats.
  2. Pelagicsal

    Windy Weather

    On Sunday and Tuesday I was getting a consistent 82, after having gotten 84 three weeks ago. I was happy to have taken my 3mm on Tuesday - with cloud and winds, it was chilly to me. But I wasn’t cold when I got home. Air temperatures are down, too. Low 80s in the afternoons instead of mid 80s.
  3. Pelagicsal

    Any other option for a lcd magnifier for the PT-058?

    I love mine! Distance isn’t much of an issue for me. I can hold it against my mask or at arm’s length. As long as I can see the focus box, even at an angle, I’m golden.
  4. Pelagicsal

    Hurricane warning for tomorrow night!

    Thrilled for our lucky breaks with Hurricane Delta! I was diving yesterday afternoon. Viz was medium, much better than expected, with plenty of particulate matter floating about. Please, when you see sand coated sponges and corals, swish the water over them to try to remove some of the sand...
  5. Pelagicsal

    Fisherman diver in hospital

    Unfortunately, he did not make it. I have seen no reference to Covid-19 in association with this accident, either.
  6. Pelagicsal

    Delta Air Lines Closing Cozumel Station

    That was all the information that I got from a Delta employee. I passed it along as it was presented to me. @dorsal When I read the article about the US station closings, I thought the same. @DandyDon There were a number of Delta Air Lines employees whose base was Cozumel.
  7. Pelagicsal

    Delta Air Lines Closing Cozumel Station

    Announced to Delta’s Cozumel employees on May 7, 2020. Closure announced as permanent. Reopening may be possible in high season, though no indication of that was given. Sigh.
  8. Pelagicsal

    True Facts: Killer Surfing Snails

    Spent a few hours lost in zefrank land... There are definitely worse places to be! New to me were the TED Talks he has done. Quite an interesting mind behind the hilarious videos!
  9. Pelagicsal

    Cozumel June? Reefs Open?

    Yes, I’m on the island. No recreational boats of any type are going out. Mexico closed her ports. The car and people ferries are running extremely reduced schedules, the military boats are about, and some commercial fishing boats are going out. Guidos is to go or delivery only, as are all...
  10. Pelagicsal

    Cozumel June? Reefs Open?

    We are landlocked on the island, too. When the island will open is anybody’s guess. There’s no super secret local knowledge that gives the answers; there is only hope. You might be interested in this similar thread: When will Coz re-open? And if you want to help the people of the island since...
  11. Pelagicsal

    Loss of my Father aka CMAN 6/9/19

    Jared, I am sorry for your loss. I hope that you and your family are healing and sharing good memories of your dad. I also hope that you can find your way back underwater, finding some solace in the depths you and your father loved.
  12. Pelagicsal

    A taste of Cozumel

    Gyro is tasty in its own right, but Mexicans changed the recipe to more locally available and popular spices, more pleasing to their palate. I am happy to enjoy either! Netflix has an excellent show, Taco Chronicles, sharing lots of information and backstory on our favorite Mexican dishes...
  13. Pelagicsal

    Sending $$ to Cozumel

    Hey Marg, @MMM - Want to add the links in this thread to your pinned fundraising thread so they’re all in one place? Thanks for organizing efforts to help the island!
  14. Pelagicsal

    Backscatter strobe and snoot package

    Dived with Jon last week. I ordered mine last night. Here’s his report on using the MF-1 OS-1 combo. Backscatter MF-1 & OS-1
  15. Pelagicsal

    Port closure

    Divers aboard? Didn’t look that close. Don’t have an anemometer, but here are the trees next door, and you can see whitecaps...
  16. Pelagicsal

    Where's the reports??? Oh and keeping a theme Hammerhead at La Francessa- Cedral...

    There’s been a hammerhead sighted multiple times at SF Wall this fall.
  17. Pelagicsal

    Port closure

    May be, Christi. Didn’t see anyone else go out, so It wasn’t my usual “oh, the port is open now” notification. :pirate2:
  18. Pelagicsal

    Port closure

    Just saw a dive boat leaving Puerto de Abrigo.
  19. Pelagicsal

    Dolphins today on Islote

    The eel and nurse shark are hunting buddies. The eel scares prey out of the reef, and the shark gets it. The shark scares prey into the reef, and the eel gets it. Comensal hunting is common. Groupers also hunt with green moray eels. Smaller sea bass, such as the coneys, hunt with smaller eels...
  20. Pelagicsal

    Port closure

    The wind turned north about sunset with squalls and thunderstorms. I’m sitting here on the water in the north of Cozumel. The wind and storms didn’t read the time on the forecast.
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