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  1. tekkydiver

    WPB Rpt Oct26- Auto Pilot Yacht's Suck!!

    Dive ops and recreational divers are often guilty too. Divers are strung over a mile in some cases and the flags may not be visible. Some boats drop divers with floating orange balls, which have no standing and are no more than debris in the water. Some boats drop divers with no markers and...
  2. tekkydiver

    Blue Heron Bridge Fishing

    Fishermen have the law behind them
  3. tekkydiver

    Blue Heron Bridge Fishing

    Also remember the fisherman pay for a license. In part, that money goes to the support the FWC. The officers know this and will side with a fisherman over a diver.....anytime
  4. tekkydiver

    Advice for diving with JDC this weekend

    There is no reason not to fill a empty tank with NITROX. For that matter even a partial tank that is analyzed can be safely filled with NITROX... Even it it's banked.
  5. tekkydiver

    Jupiter Shark Diving Recommendations

    For many years it was considered unusual to see a shark, now we see them on most dives. They will swim by and move on, on occasion there will be an over curious critter that stays around until it wears out its welcome. No need to bait or feed sharks to see them in south Florida.... That is a...
  6. tekkydiver

    Hydro Atlantic Trip 10/29 1PM !! 2 Spots Left

    Bring a bag and collect some of those jigs that are all over the wreck..... Send me a pm after the dive. You might get a good piece of that trip money back.
  7. tekkydiver

    Saw a new dive charter today.

    Almost impossible to open a new restaurant on the water. Just not enough revenuel As far as liveaboards.... I see it as being trapped. Me, I'll take the boat to a to Bimini, Grand Bahama or the keys. I can fish and dive and then have a night life that doesn't consist of having to listen to...
  8. tekkydiver

    Saw a new dive charter today.

    Diversity may not go out when it's rough, but that Di** has no problem waking small boats in the inlet. He can be a bit of an A**. I remember one of the bigger ops in Deerfield used to pay their Capt. a measly $50 a trip to take a boat load of divers. Me, I'll just take my boat and a couple...
  9. tekkydiver

    BHB on Undercurrent

    Abernethy's biggest concern is what benefits Abernethy..... Just ask Dan Volker!
  10. tekkydiver

    Saw a new dive charter today.

    Every time I read one of these threads I feel more blessed to have my own boat and not have to put up with some to the ops in the area.
  11. tekkydiver

    Riviera Beach Lemon Sharks - Sat 9/11/21

    I wonder what will happen after someone gets bit?
  12. tekkydiver

    Trip Report Back in SE FL 2021 part 5

    It's the inconsistency that makes S. Florida a 2nd rate dive destination. Viz can be great one day and iffy the next. I don't know why but drift diving seems to also be an issue. That makes it difficult when you are on vacation and have a window of only a few days and then can't get out due to...
  13. tekkydiver

    TONIGHT: "History's Greatest Mysteries: Expedition Bermuda Triangle"

    No sense watching... If they would have found anything significant we would have heard long before the airing. History channel has played the drama card way to often
  14. tekkydiver

    Search suspended for diver

    Search suspended for diver who went missing near Daytona Beach – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale
  15. tekkydiver

    Bahamas 2 Divers dead

    Report: 2 divers dead after suffering decompression sickness off Bahamas – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale
  16. tekkydiver

    Unoffical Scubaboard Goliath Grouper aggregation dives Aug 21-2 and Sept 25-6

    They lost me at Drysuit..... August in Boynton? Wha'd I miss.
  17. tekkydiver

    Jupiter Rpt Aug 6 - Lobster Opening Day

    He wanted that bug!
  18. tekkydiver

    Jupiter Rpt Aug 6 - Lobster Opening Day

    Very light north current in s. county. very few boats. Was an easy limit for all aboard. Back at it tomorrow. Any reports how shore divers made out?
  19. tekkydiver

    Dive Kayak Washes Ashore

    No, .... no title, no registration
  20. tekkydiver

    Dive Kayak Washes Ashore

    No updates on the news, no reports of any missing diver so, maybe this kayak just broke loose from the mooring
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