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  1. farsidefan1

    Backward roll for high entries?

    I dove off Mike Balls' Spoilsport back in about 2008 and it was over 10 feet to the water. You could go down the steps but with all your gear? Nah, giant stride feet together toes up.
  2. farsidefan1

    Where to dive late January? Costa Rica? Belize? Panama? Other?

    I have been to Belize in January (Ambergris Caye) and found it very good. Indeed near excellent by Caribbean standards. I would not pay extra for the Blue Hole dive although the dives you get along the way are truly memorable. I just wore a t short (and suit - you wouldn't want to see me any...
  3. farsidefan1

    Bucket List Diving

    I am fortunate to have finished my bucket list. No time to start a new one but I'm satisfied and happy.
  4. farsidefan1

    Your least favourite fish.

    Any kind of stinging Jellyfish. HATE'EM ALL
  5. farsidefan1

    Non-cooperative DCI patient

    Take to where the ocean is deepest, tell him there are lots of friendly whale sharks down about 300 feet but that NO ONE is allowed to dive with them. Darwin will take care of the rest.
  6. farsidefan1

    Is there an easier way to get your wet suit on?

    Get a custom fit suit with lots of zippers. It makes a WORLD of difference!
  7. farsidefan1

    LCBR - June 7-14, 2015

    Southern Cross is nice. While staying at LCBR I checked it out. But I just can't resist the LCBR food. Be back ahead of all of you:D I'm leaving Friday.
  8. farsidefan1

    Video of reef shark circling and bumping a Cayman diver to get at his lionfish catch

    I was at Little Cayman last year and a grouper tore the bag our DM had with a lionfish out of her hand and ate him. Funny as heck to watch. I'm heading back Friday for a week.
  9. farsidefan1

    Diving prior to kidney transplant

    Thanks, I got to speak to another transplant recipient. She was only insulin dependent for a few months till they got her meds balanced. That's both good and bad news. After thinking about it I had decided that I was perfectly happy to trade my joint pain (fixed by steroids) for insulin...
  10. farsidefan1

    Diving prior to kidney transplant

    Thanks, The choice won't be insulin or dialysis. It is between insulin and letting nature run it's course. Dialysis is not on the table. I'm not going there. That decision has been made. My kidneys are probably good for another 2 yrs. By then my daughter will be able to take over the business...
  11. farsidefan1

    Diving prior to kidney transplant

    Excellent information. Thank you very much for responding. My potassium levels are good as of now. GFR or whatever it is has now recovered back to 18 (as of yesterdays test) which was a surprise although I'm still trending at loss of 5 per year. I was at an all day meeting today and just found...
  12. farsidefan1

    Diving prior to kidney transplant

    The bad news:my kidneys are a bit of a mess. The good news is my wife wants to keep me around and she is what is affectionately called a "universal donor". I have some major clients that have been wanting to dive with me for several years and we finally got it together this yr. We are scheduled...
  13. farsidefan1

    Trip report Sep 2014: Palau Aggressor - VERY BAD EXPERIENCE

    I am very disappointed to hear this review. 3 years ago I was on that boat and had a terrific experience. Crew was outstanding. Marc was on the crew and took over as captain the next year. This sounds like a review of a totally different boat and crew. Usually that reflects upon the ownership...
  14. farsidefan1

    Depth of top of the reef in Little Cayman?

    Many of the dive sites along bloody bay wall actually have 2 walls. a "little wall at about 20 feet then a long stretch (maybe 50 - 100 yards) before the real dropoff. Great diving throughout. We were there in February and I got great shots everywhere. Love the natural light.
  15. farsidefan1

    So what do we think about hydration and DCS now...?

    I don't have any studies to quote nor is my example apocryphal. It only involves one subject but I am intimately familiar with all the details associated with it. I had just under 200 dives at the time. I had been on a couple of live aboards doing 5 dives a day for a week at a time and never had...
  16. farsidefan1

    Best Diving Spots in Australia -- help needed

    Absolutely agree regarding the outer reefs. Mike Ball is expensive but excellent. As others have mentioned, ribbon reefs, osprey reef, hard to go wrong. There are some less costly liveaboards that offer virtually the same itinerary as the Spoilsport (Mike Balls ship) so your budget need not be...
  17. farsidefan1

    issue on night dive

    At certain times of the month sea wasps are a problem in Roatan, nearly always folks get nailed during night dives. One of our group got nailed on the lip and looked like Mike Tyson came after him over a girl in a bar. He actually lost a couple days of diving. Watch the moon cycles. 7 - 10 days...
  18. farsidefan1

    Quality of Aqualung Zuma or Stiletto Zeagle

    I looked carefully at both, and dive the Stiletto. I love things that are over engineered. Zeagle is the poster child for over engineering.
  19. farsidefan1

    Need Southern Caribbean Island Dive Recommendations

    Yup, no dive destinations there. Some places to dive but no dive destinations.
  20. farsidefan1

    Cayman air questions

    Cayman air did not blink at 3 bags @ 50 lbs each plus 2 carry ons. Little Cayman Beach resort is outstanding in every way. Water is warm @ 80-81 degrees. Winds no more than 8 mph so off to bloody bay wall side 3 times a day:D Saw notice of winter storm warnings back home. Bwahahahaha, so sorry...
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