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  1. soldsoul4foos

    School kid dies working apprentice program - South Korea

    If that kids family hasn't killed that guy yet, that is the travesty.
  2. soldsoul4foos

    Shore diving the east side

    I'm with you, 15' drop with GEAR ON seems like alot of potential things that could go wrong.
  3. soldsoul4foos

    What's in the upgrade?

    Man this upgrade is SNAZZZZZZZZZY!
  4. soldsoul4foos

    Shore diving the east side

    They dropped into that??
  5. soldsoul4foos

    Lake Winnipesaukee NH

    From the NH State police FB page...
  6. soldsoul4foos

    Shot through the heart (somewhat graphic warning)

    I'm honestly asking. I hadn't read so n so's hypothesis on what he thought happened.
  7. soldsoul4foos

    System Crash 2021/08/20 or, Oops, we did it again!

    It broke my shortcuts!! :) I'm not sure why, but my shortcuts that don't work all refer to https://www.scubaboard.blablabla.... By replacing 'www' with 'web' it works. I'm not a web guy, so I don't know why that is the way it is.
  8. soldsoul4foos

    Double fatality - Catalonia, Spain

    I wouldn't be completely surprised in that situation if it reads....'diver went missing/got separated...'
  9. soldsoul4foos

    Double fatality - Catalonia, Spain

    So they were doing the 'discover scuba' when they perished?
  10. soldsoul4foos

    Student lost - Seattle, Washington

    What is the visibility like in that area of the country? The article reads 'didn't resurface'. I'd say that's a VERY FAVORABLE description on the instructor.... It sounds more like 'student lost'.
  11. soldsoul4foos

    Spiegel Grove fatality - Key Largo, Florida

    This was exactly what I was thinking when we thought about pushing to the next anchor line. Honestly, I think of these things now because of reading this forum.
  12. soldsoul4foos

    Spiegel Grove fatality - Key Largo, Florida

    I've been on the SG a fair amount of times over the years. We did dive it once when conditions were terrible. Ripping current, and terrible vis. We did not take as careful notice of which line we came down on, probably because it's never been an issue. After exploring a very small area, we...
  13. soldsoul4foos

    14-year-old drowns on dive - San Joaquin River California

    Good grief it's like reading it from some translation.
  14. soldsoul4foos

    Children die playing with scuba gear left in pool - Jensen Beach, Florida

    So is this about all we're going to hear about this accident?
  15. soldsoul4foos

    Diver survives boat strike - Maine

    Seems like a bad choice of dive site. Maine summer is essentially 3 months maximum. Diving at 4' of depth, in a lake with pleasure boaters on it, is crazy, especially by yourself with limited experience. No real excuse for that.
  16. soldsoul4foos

    Dive director struck, lost on Togo wreck - French Mediterranean

    Boat struck diver seems very vague. Did the diver drop in, and current swept him under boat, and it dropped on him? Or, was the boat under power during drop, and it ran over him? These two scenarios would be drastically different on their own merits.
  17. soldsoul4foos

    1000 posts and still not Red?

    Supporter or bust...
  18. soldsoul4foos

    Body recovered - Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park, Borneo

    I always assume no matter the situation, I am ALWAYS diving on my own.
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